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Stop lking at females as purely sexual beings


Master Don Juan
Sep 11, 2018
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Sexual energy, appreciation and respect. A man needs to be aware of all of these factors when dealing with women and people in general. It's not to say that women can't be great comrades and boost your life in other ways other than sex, but you must be aware of how that interaction is COSTING you. But it is TRUE. A man who gets all of his female attention from 10 close female "friends" whom he bathes in NON SEXUAL attention from all 10, he will not be sexually attractive to anyone, since his friends fed him a diet of non sexual energy.

The positive side of this is if your 10 friends all find you sexually attractive, your sexual masculine swagger will be amplified, and in the presence of other women many will strangely find themselves also sexually attracted to you.
This is true. I once had a great connection with a woman (last year) which led to me connecting with almost every other woman. Even if I just used the word “connection” in conversation, the woman would light up, close the distance, and offer me her phone number.

And when I text them something as simple as “we should hang out sometime” I would get reactions like “hopefully soon.” I was shocked at how easy it was for me to connect with every woman I came in contact was.

That was because my main plate showered me with affection, admiration, sexual desire, appreciation, and respect. I was her favorite guy in the whole world and she would let everyone know it. And every other woman that came into my presence were able to pick up on my vibe immediately.

They knew I was validated and they knew I was connected to the feminine essence.

Attraction and connection is a wavelength.

There is no way you can fake your wavelength. I’ve said this before, if you want to connect with all women, get yourself a long term plate that worships the ground you walk on. Your vibe would transform and put you into a wavelength where you are able to connect with every other woman.

And if you want to repel every woman, join the manosphere and every woman will smell the incel on you.
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Master Don Juan
Oct 4, 2016
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And you will find your paradigm shifts immensely. Lots of guys have a chip on their shoulder on some incel chit when it comes to women...having a negative outlook towards them will yield you negative results. Viewing women as a walking fleshlight is as bad as women who view men as a walking atm/wallet.
Fully agree


Master Don Juan
Aug 18, 2011
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I call a spade a spade man, if she's worth it she gets more.