Staying ahead


Senior Don Juan
Sep 10, 2000
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Denver, CO
This is a tip for those DJs who are extremely shy. STAY AHEAD OF EVERY SITUATION YOU'RE IN. In social situations I often used to find myself thinking about something that I just did or said a few seconds ago. I would analyze it, thinking about what else I could have said that would have made it better. Then I realized that this time was better spent analyzing the present. Observing what's going on around you. This will also make you less self - conscious. Not concentrating far into the future, but rather being prepared for the it, so you have an idea of what will happen next.
A good metaphor for this is studying for classes. If you fall behind in the reading/curriculum, you have to catch up, plus deal with the current info. Won't you do better on the test if you just keep up with it, and glance at the next material? In a social situation the time scale is much shorter than a class, so you gotta work quick. But its the same concept, so just keep it in mind.