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status trumps masculinity


Master Don Juan
Nov 17, 2020
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what i mean, i should have clarified, is they wany the whole package yes. a romantic adventure, with a man that sataifies their hypergamy...but this also involves sex. they want to meet THAT rare guy, who they find appealing sexually and socially. so yes, they are going on a date hoping to get laid but by the RIGHT guy and obviously the sex isnt as important as THE GUY to them

so if you are their type, they are already hoping you dont mess up on the date, so sex (and a relationship) can happen. you dont need 'make them want sex'. you just need to self improve to the point where women turn up to the date hoping it goes well. red pill places too much emphasis on building attraction and being alpha, when the real game is played in self improvement; and then building comfort/rapport with girls who like your image (as mystery taught - peacock, display high value, then 'the game is played in comfort' his words). with women, if they see your value, you can NEVER build TOO much comfort. as long as you maintain physical esclation and sexual body language, you can hypothetically build comfort for decades on end and keep a woman interested. i know guys like this, who are good looking and popular and have kept women in the friendzone for 10+ years and these women would bite at the chance to be with them. these are the real players. these guys can call up a hot chick and ask her to pick them from the airport...the same girl that guys on this forum are wondering 'how to get a text back from'
ye man , if this is what you want to believe , it is all cool