Started dating an older women with kids

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Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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You obviously have difficulties discerning between a$$hole behavior and power struggles
Azzhole movements done in the pigs sty are often done on autopilot. They do it to appear "above" you. There are many defenses and attacks one is being super clean and visibly dominant. The pig will use triangulation and groups to attempt to diminish you in comparison. Its a long discussion but the tools will be useful for navigating this game of life.


Master Don Juan
Oct 12, 2009
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Nothing wrong with me, all I do know is that nothing I do will be good enough for them. I can keep trying and continue to get nothing as my mental health deteriorates or I can show myself some self respect by avoiding the source of these issues, which is the women themselves.

There is a reason why so many men are MGTOW. I used to believe it was only ugly losers who fell into this category, but seeing how much I struggle with this as an above average guy my perspective on this has changed.

If a 6'4", broad shouldered, fit, handsome, educated and respectable good man like me isn't enough for these women nothing ever will be. Hell, not that it matters but I even have a big penis lol. These *****s don't deserve a man like me, their loss lol.
Yeah. You are not MGTOW though. That stuff deals with guys avoiding serious LTRs and marriage and potential false rape claims. It does not deal with not getting attention from women in the first place. You seem more of a top tier incel than MGTOW.