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She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)


Master Don Juan
Nov 27, 2017
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40s? Dude, thats disgusting.

Top form SMV 18-23. Da **** is 40? Lmfao and she 3dates you with LJBFs?

Not doing it right kuz.

Hotter girls are turning 18 19 20 21 every day. None who can compete at 40 with top form.

You fun goofed. Strp game up.
DEEZED, not only have you inspired me to get deezed myself, but to only deal with top form SMV(older women only if it's just for a very short fling.) When I'm in my mid to late 30s like you I'm still gonna be banging 18-23 year olds. If I ever do get married(which is very unlikely) it's gonna be to a hot 23 or 24 year old.

Shout-out to your extremely based posts.