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She didnt answer my calls last night, or today, and she wrote me this message.


Don Juan
Oct 24, 2006
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Either you're not being a man, or she's cheating on you. Actually, that's the same thing :p

Aaron B

Master Don Juan
Sep 8, 2005
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CraigMack said:
You wrote my buddy PlayerSupreme and asked him to do a podcast for you. Well here is the link:


He said don't write to him again.

Good luck CraigMack,
Well that podcast was so excellent, that I transcribed part of it and am presenting it to you now.

This is PlayerSupreme from the mp3 in that link:

"We need to get some real people over there to educate you guys in how to be men. Because thats what its about. Its not about techniques out there, fellas. Its not about learning scripts. Like I explained when watching that 80's or 90's movie, even back then scripts were bull****. Its not about going from A1 to A2 to A3. No, what its really about is just be a mother****ing man. And handle your business, like a man.

When you're a man, you don't have any fear of walking over and introducing yourself to a girl. When you're a man, you radiate an energy that attracts them to you to begin with. You don't have to go through going through the attraction phase, qualifying phase. All that other ****. You don't need that **** when you become a man. A man would not let this kind of bull**** happen in his life. A man would be gone in 5 seconds from Sunday.

Now I'm faced with the thought of if this Danny guy shows up on my site, should I ban him? Or do I reach out a helping hand? You know, the purpose of the podcast is to help guys like him become men. But they gotta be willing to take the red pill. Basically they've got to be willing to do what it takes, is what I'm saying. And people like Danny, all they want to hear is someone yell at them for a minute and then it makes them feel good for awhile. They get off on the negative, being brow-beaten. That's some kind of negative love there. I do this podcast for the rest of you fellas, not for Danny.

You know Danny, I don't give a **** about you, man. I'm sorry but you put yourself in that situation. You know, when you are ready to step out, you let me know. And I'm hoping that you are at that stage right now and thats why you wrote me. But after doing two podcasts, and this is now the third podcast, and you still with the same *****, I, I don't know. I don't think you're ready yet....to take the red pill.

But for my fellas, I'm gonna use you, Danny, as an educational tool. That's the only reason why I did this. I almost didn't even do the ****ing podcast and even respond to you. After reading that you were "Dasani Water" and this other guy. As I said, having 2 screennames is creepy. What the ****? A man is a man and a man respresents himself as a man. Not some sneaky little creep on the internet. That's my objection to this internet thing, it allows too many people to be something they ain't. You know, sneaking around, creeping around with all different types of screennames. One screenname is all you need, fellas.

[edited out part where he discusses his past usernames]

You don't need to pretend and try to get advice. You know the answers to your situation. You just have to have the balls to be willing to take the answers. Danny you know the answer. You stated yourself in the email that you sent me. Thats why you used two different screennames - maybe someone else will give you some type of justification for what you are doing. There
is no justification for putting your ball in a vice and scrunching them. There is never any type of justification for being less of a man that you could be.

I could rant on this **** for an hour, but I think the point is moot. Don't write me again. I don't want to hear about your situation. Until next time, fellas."
Mar 18, 2006
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Last Man Standing said:
...Thiis is the fifteenth time she broke up with you and was screwing other dudes (by your own admission in your prior seven threads)! So why do you love a hor?? Why should I help you or even encourage you to be emotionally involved with a hor?? Hors are to be pimped kid and NOT loved!!!!! Stop the drama - and treat a hor like a hor and NOT as a woman to be loved and cherished!!!
As I stated in your last thread!

Danny boy already knows she is horing with other dudes - this is not new info!