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Set yourself apart from others


Master Don Juan
Jun 11, 2000
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Finally got permission to post this:

TIP #1 - Single women go on dates to have a good time, not to be serious.
Keep this in mind and never act serious on the first few dates. If you try
to get serious, sexual, and romantic too soon, you will only drive women away.

TIP #2 - Add imagination and romance to your dates. Do things slightly
different than the norm. Instead of just having dinner at your place, have
a candlelit dinner with fresh flowers on the table. Go to see classic
films. Spend an afternoon at the museum. In other words, try to set
yourself apart from all of the other guys. It's easy to tell what she is
used to doing on dates - out to a movie, to dinner, to a party. So avoid
the same old thing, or add a slight variation to what she is used to. She
will remember it.

TIP #3 - End the date before she does. When you first start dating, it is
important to avoid that awkward time when it is getting late and she
finally has to announce that it is time for her to go home. When the
evening is still going well and still on an "up note," announce that you
"...hate to end the evening because you've had such a great time, but it is
getting late and..." This is going to surprise her because most guys hang
on until the bitter end hoping that by some miracle they will end up in bed
for some hot passionate sex with her.

By ending the date before she does, you:

1. Set yourself apart from other guys.
2. Continue to maintain control over her and the evening.
3. Make yourself hard to get.
4. Suggest that you aren't desperate for action, therefore there must be
other single girls in your life and she is going to have to work harder to
catch you.

P.S. If you would like more dating tips on how to meet, attract, and seduce
women please visit: http://www.getgirls.com

Don Diebel

"Women. They've got half the money in the world and all the pu$$y."


Master Don Juan
May 2, 2000
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United States
Excellent post Terminator.

Everyone should read this stuff.

Tip #3 is important. Most guys always try to EXTEND the date as late as possible. Bad move.

Keep up the great posts Term.


Robert Jordon

Don Juan
Jul 7, 2000
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Dam@! Another great piece of information! man I think I'm gonna have 2 creat my own personal database 2 store all these posts in!


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Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2005
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i love action dates, or dates where we just hang out in the city or taking a mini road trip
:) agreed on the museums and old classic movies being boring though...