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Serious Help Need!!!!


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Feb 3, 2005
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The past month me and my friends been going to this bar and I been really falling in love with are waitress. She a beautiful women who just recently got divorced, everytime she sees me, she seems to get excited but that's probably because I hand out money like it was going out of style. But she told me were her real job was and I really want to send her flowers. What should I put on the card my name and number or should I keep her guessing who it is? I'm really at a loss. I never been shy towards women, except this time I just feel if I make a move to fast I will get rejected. My main concern is what should I write on the card and should I write my name and number she might not even remember me. So confused need someone's insight on this matter. Thanks everyone for taking your time and reading my post.
Jimmy P:confused:


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Don Juan
Nov 14, 2003
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Read the bible first, then if you still are stumped come back here.
Nov 6, 2003
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Wisconsin. USA
Infactuated with a bar waitress? Not good!! Giving money out to her because you are attracted to her is a no-no!! Giving flowers to her because you like her will be your biggest mistake!!

Men give flowers when they are in error and seek forgiveness from a woman, anniversaries, and at funerals!!!! Don't do it - but her nothing!!!! Actually try to get free/discounted drinks from her and see what she says!
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