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Self-Confidence is Attractive

Marvin Gaye

Senior Don Juan
Dec 22, 2010
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Negative thoughts down the drain just relax, let t
This was written in 7 minutes and is slightly a rant haha.
Self confidence is attractive, it just is.

Have you ever given a compliment and the person completely disagrees and says they suck? Probably. It's not enjoyable for the conplementer nor is it alpha on the complementees part.

Think about this, have you ever been fitting with a girl and been really into her, but then she starts giving off signs of lack of confidence? It just kills the feeling. For example I'm texting this hb the other night and I essentially described her for my requirements of a girl to take to Vegas. Anyways she's says she doesn't know blah blah (she's hot but doesn't think so, it pisses me off). Eventually she takes the hint and volunteers and off on an epic adventure we go. Today she texts me to ask when were going to Vegas, I said in a couple days I gotta read some card counting books. She says cool, I'm ready when you are. To continue the fun convo from the other day I said she might have to be a stripper to make some money at first. She excitedly agreed except she didn't think shed get the job cause she ain't hot enough :/ it killed the tension and the mood we had going.

Anyways it works the same both ways and that's my point. Don't doubt yourself and your the man!


Senior Don Juan
Mar 25, 2011
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completely true !
but when a girl doin that its a subtle thing they do to get compliment ...
i hop you just didnt fall into this trap ! ;p


Don Juan
Jul 22, 2008
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many places
This applies to everything in life. When you truly learn to believe in yourself you'll exude that confidence in everything you do. Look at pro athletes. The difference between Amateurs and Pro's isn't necessarily ability, It's more at a point where having an unshakeable level of self-confidence enables the Pro's to achieve far greater results than Amateurs who may be just as talented.


Master Don Juan
Oct 29, 2007
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Well if she's fishing for compliments I usually make some stupid joke so I don't have to do either (compliment or insult her). Or make a compliment and go totally over the top with it. Basically defusing the situation.

Compliments are best rare and unexpected :)