Seduction with a dance


Don Juan
Nov 4, 2000
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Ever want to hold lots of women in your arms, have them look into your eyes, and have them yearning for more? well simple, learn to dance. Dancing that envolves social dancing, I'm not talking about loud disco clubs, but social dance like swing or any other social dance, where you can lead the women, spin her in the direction you desire, and have her looking deeply into your eyes. I have only been dancing for little more then a year now, at what a difference it has made in my social life. I was one of those never dance dudes couse its just not cool. but let me tell you, a true Don Juan knows the act of seduction. And seduction through dance is just one avenue one has in his pocket. Just the other night I went out with a date to this swing club. I could not belive how many single women where there at the club along the wall just dying to be lead on to the dance floor, and being a true nice jerk I left my date for a while went over and dance with three lovely ladies.(not all at once) man did I have lots of fun!! a few minutes later one of the girls walk over to our table where I and my date where having a couple of drinks between dances and she ask ( more like demand) that I dance with her , so being a cool jerk I did, now you might be thinking what did that do..
It made my date think that I was in high demand, it planted a seed in my date that although she was with me, I could very easy select from many other women who would be more that happy to dance with them.. It also demostrated a dominace and confidence and that I was there to have a very goood time, with my date or with other women..and man, did it ever change my dates behavior that night that she was willing to do anything to please me and belive she did just what I wanted her to do. ( now I was not the only guy out there at the club, ther other guys there just drinking and watching!!!)

so the bottom line here is ,, learn to dance and the doors will open up to you, it will build confidance, keep you in top shape, and most of all have women ask you out. ( did you relly think I paid for the date,, I only paid for on drink, and that was mine) dance to seduction.