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second part of my first post


Don Juan
Jun 22, 2001
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I hear a lot of women b!tchn' about guy's at bars/clubs and this is what they're saying:

Too much hair gel.
Too much after shave.
Learing at women,and/or their parts.(sometime guy's don't know they even do it)
Bad breath--beer breath/whiskey breath.
Drunk guy's approaching them.
Guy's grinding up against them on the dance floor.
Guy's that spit while they talk(I hear this a lot!)
Guy's that brag/lie.
This is about all I can think of right now. I just got off work, so I may only have missed one or two at the most.
These are tiny things that with a little attention can be corrected.
Also, if you have never been to a club before,check it out on a slow day, like Monday or Tuesday(if they're open). That way you won't look like a shell shocked deer in the headlights walking in. Which brings me to my next subject: If you go to a club alone, do not walk around aimlessly. Get a drink and go talk to a girl. She doesn't have to be anything special--a fatty or a crack ***** will do. If later in the night someone makes something out of it, just tell them you know her from work and wanted to be polite. It beats walking around like you don't belong there.
I was talking to a friend and he reminded me of something. Not all clubs are "meat markets." That why it's important to go to a couple and see how each meets your needs. That reminds me of a story to make my point:
When I was younger, after a night with friends, we drove by a bar with tons of women walking in and out of it. We swore that we were going there next Friday. Friday came, we went to the bar and found out after taking a look at one "woman" that the bar was most likely a drag queen club. We couldn't get back in the car fast enough. Be a boy scout, be prepared! I hope this post helped someone.


Master Don Juan
May 14, 2001
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That's a good post with a lot of truth in it!!!

Thanks for sharing this.



Don Juan
Apr 10, 2001
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los angeles Ca usa
Hey I was just wondering which place do you think is the best place to just hang out at the club.. by that I mean at the bar? or by the dance floor? the patio outside? in your opinion which place gives the best oportunity to meet and hook up?