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Saturday night fcuk up


Don Juan
Dec 8, 2002
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I know there is a post about this somewhere but I got to tell you guys about what happened to me last Saturday night.

Just recently I started hanging around with a group of guys who are natural djs to see what I can learn from them, one of them has had up to 5 girls on the go at once.

Anyway we went out last Saturday night, it was my turn to drive so no drinks for me. So we go to a few bars just having a laugh and a joke with a few of the girls, nothing major. Then we end up in this tiny club that plays old skool dance tunes, the place was rockin!!

So me and the boys are dancing away to the awesome tunes getting quite a few glances off the ladies when this blond girl (about 25, hb7) comes up to me, stares me right in the eye, then puts her hand up my shirt then down towards my d!ck. Then she sticks her pierced tongue out at me!! OMG!!

So what did I do, well because I was sober I just froze and didn't say or do anything, to which she just looked at me then walked away with a dissapointed look on her face, Damn Damn Damn!!

I tell you this sort of thing has been happening too much lately, not to that extent, but I get approached nearly every time I go out with these natural djs, it's kind of bizarre!! But I have to start doing something about it.


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Don Juan
Apr 8, 2004
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new york
when she stuck her tongue out you should have kissed her, that was a given. theres nothing else you could have done, besides what you did.

So Many Ways

Master Don Juan
Mar 19, 2004
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Don't you just love it when women are that bold? It catches you totally off guard since it's not the norm. I've had it happen to me before, don't worry too much about it, just be prepared to act the next time it happens.