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Jan 14, 2006
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southern usa
I wrote this a while back in the height of my success, and just found it. I am sharing it for you to enjoy.

Married now, two kids, having a blast

    This stuff will take a very long time, possibly a year to set up. It ends up being a positive feedback loop, though.
    You're most likely an overweight unfashionable slob who plays World of Warcraft and your idea of a good Friday is to watch The Matrix.
        Well, let's be honest, you're probably a slob.
        Personal Appearance:
            The most important thing here is to be well groomed.
            -Monthly Haircut
            -Ditch Facial Hair (unless you are one of those people mandated to have stubble). Learn how to shave, keep it shaved close.
            -If you have glasses, get contacts. Don't argue with me, they don't make you look distinguished.
            -If you're Whitey McWhiterson, get some semblance of a tan. Don't worry about tans during the winter.
            -Trim your fingernails, clean under your fingernails, etc
                If you're overweight, get into shape. Period. There are tons of ways to do this and I don't want to go into detail. Ask for help.
                Stamina is also useful for other things, you will feel 99x better, etc etc etc.
                Join a gym, start running, yadda yadda. There are helpful resources here.
                Wash your hair, rotate your shampoos (keep about 2-3 to rotate through weekly), and style your hair some when you go out.
                You don't have to look like a damn gotti douchebag, but you need to do something with it.
                -Make sure you have nice clothes to wear. Buy Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, etc. You can even get this stuff cheap from Ross.
                You don't have to be super-fashionable, last season's stuff is OK. The goal is to just not look like a slob.
                -Iron your ****ing clothes. If you don't know how to iron, ask a woman to show you.
        Your Home:
            The thing here is to be established. Failing that, to not look like a ****ing slob.
                Your home should be clean. I don't mean what "you" think of as clean, but what a girl would think of as clean.
                If you don't know how to clean your house, ask a girl (any girl!) to tell you what to do.
                Don't ****ing skimp on this.
                Impart some style upon your home. It doesn't have to be great, but don't have bare walls.
                Also, try to restrict the Budweiser / NASCAR / Marlboro stuff to one room that is not your living room.
                If any of your furniture involves cinder blocks or duct tape, get some new stuff.
                Ditch the lumberjack survivalist TP and get some Charmin. Girls ****ing hate the lumberjack TP.
                Your house should smell good. Make sure that it does.
        Your Car:
            Make sure that your car is clean inside.
            Wash your car more than once a year.
            Make sure that your car doesn't smell.
            Don't hide condoms in your car. She will find them while you're in the gas station buying booze.
    Social Circle:
        Get some friends, friends that-
            A) Will go with you to do ****
            B) Will show up at parties you throw
            C) Will take you to parties
            D) Are responsible
            E) Will not leave you hanging or otherwise screw you over
            F) Invite you to ****
            Go to bars, MySpace, Facebook, whatever to make these friends. It's important that they're somewhat similar to you in the way that you want to be perceived.
            Be a member of an organization, and participate in it. Volunteer. Help some ****ing underprivileged kids or something. Don't be a douchebag.
        You want to have a life, a full and busy life which you are graciously allowing her the privilege of being part of.

Fortunately, the easy part is the rest. No, seriously.
The trick is how to manage contacts and push relationships forward. Meeting women is the easy part. You do have to go out and find them, but that's no big deal.

Meeting Them:
    Direct Connections:
        Friends - Easy way is to make new friends and explore the network of women they know.
        Religious groups you belong to
        Places you shop
        Parks - honestly
        The Gym
        The Tanning Salon (A guy I know picked up a part-time job at a tanning salon just for the connections. He was inundated. Food for thought.)
    Indirect Connections:
    Managing Connections:
        I use an Excel spreadsheet on my computer, to keep track of my schedule and to keep track of the women themselves. Make up nicknames for her and be sure to store that in your tracking thing, it's way easier to remember than Firstname/Lastname.
        **PASSWORD PROTECT YOUR GODDAMN SPREADSHEET!** <-- you'll only make this mistake once
        *back it up, too*
        Prelim/Eval -
            1st: Coffee or Lunch Date. You don't want to be stuck with her for more than an hour, tops. Put hard time limits in place.
                Meet, screen, go home and write down what you thought about her. If you didn't like her, don't schedule another date while you're in the coffee shop.
            2nd(completely optional, use if you're skeptical): Quick Dinner. Dinner with a hard time limit. You're going out of town after you get done eating with her. Sushi works good for this. Go home and log this.        
        Moving Forward -
            Parties, Bars, Bourbon Street, Dinner, whatever. Limit face-to-face interactions to 3 for every 2 weeks.
            F-close here if you feel like it.

You're not going to have to worry about keeping her interested. You'll be busy enough with a real life that she will have to demonstrate her interest and importance in order to get your attention.

-Keep condoms handy
-Never trust her if she says she's on BC
-Spay and neuter your pets
I *might* check back for a couple of days and answer questions.


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Sep 3, 2009
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Good stuff. Just out of interest, are you the same dude over at the Bodybuilding forums?


Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2006
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southern usa
Goldenboy25 said:
Good stuff. Just out of interest, are you the same dude over at the Bodybuilding forums?
One and the same.

James Dupri

Don Juan
Sep 22, 2009
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Good points, especially about the "positive feedback loop".

Just curious have you read any books by Robert Ringer? He was a Real Estate Agent, and he had a concept in one of his books about the "Positive Feedback Loop" and how it creates success.