Redefining status


Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2017
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Who has higher status? Steve who works a corporate job making 120k a year doing what he hates and has no other passion other then working and is constantly stressed out or Matt who has a passion for snowboarding and has decided to leave his path of higher education to be a teacher at a small park in the north making 22k? If you guessed Matt your right. Status at its core is YOU making the rules for your life and not being swayed by anyone. Take any two people in a room and whoever sways more and bends more has less status. Same with life. That politician who thinks he has the most power in reality is the most manipulated and feminine. Now there are politicians who are there for their own intent and same with the corporate guy but that is the exception. Really stop and think about your life. I used to hate when people said listen to that voice inside yourself because I thought I didn’t have it so it was just woo woo. But when you start doing what you REALLY want to do. You will be okay. You’ll learn to fly on your own. Your DNA was literally built for you to win.
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