Recovering after being dumped


Senior Don Juan
May 31, 2019
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You're lying to yourself. You're not over her and detached after just 15 days, from here it looks like you're angry and hurt and not in a state where you can have emotionless sex with an ex. People here have been in your situation many times and speak out of experience. You've gotten great advice in the thread, read it again. If not, you've to learn the hard way and that is maybe the best teacher in this case. Good luck, but be careful to protect your heart.


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Don Juan
Dec 29, 2019
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Force her to miss you and force her to go be a slvt and find a new backup.
That’s funny and true lol.

She’s manipulative and a waste of time. No point in investing anything into a person that is only going to take away instead of adding to your life. I can see by her actions a malicious narcissist type intention. I think she’s really good at hiding it but she uses everyone around her, including my/her friends that are girls. My gut was telling me things when I was with her and turned out to be 100% correct. Yes I can have sex with her but she’s toxic af.

The positive take-away is that this whole drama has woke me up and caused me to realize the importance of not becoming complacent. To learn about proper seduction and vision and not to take sh!t but instead just walk away.

So back to NC. Day 3: It was a good day hahaha.