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Real game.


Senior Don Juan
Oct 16, 2019
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Real game is full responsibility for life. Women and men are not the same. Women is life. Literally. The way life responds to you women will respond as well. If people typically disrespect you, disapprove of you, do not smile when they see you, or react to you positively i can almost guarantee women will do the same. Once you take responsibility as a MAN for your life and the problems in it life itself and women will reward you. The same goes for business. Go into business to get that cash king yo money over everything motha ****4sss!!! and i guarantee you'll fail. Go into business to solve a problem that the world is having like the pollution problem or animal domestic abuse or anything honorable and you will be rich as a side effect. Same goes for women. Be a GOOD person and have pure intent and enjoy people authentically for who they are. Bring out there best sides and the world will SHOWER you with women and women will respond postively and youll have all the epic sex you want along with rich fulfilling relationships.


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