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Rape culture is real alright


Master Don Juan
Jul 7, 2012
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And we are the intended victims of this mind-fvcking scheme. Unlike previous attempts to reinvent rape as "sexual assault" that includes any kind of "unwanted touching", no matter how trivial, this new "rape culture" movement wants to criminalize the very act of being male. You see, the concept of "rape culture" is so [deliberately] vague, even the feminists can't tell you precisely what it means. Read this article on rape culture and tell me if you leave with a broader understanding of what rape culture actually *is*.


The article contains an astounding statement. "Rape culture means that rape is incredibly common. But rape culture also prevents us from knowing exactly how common." What this actually means is that every man is potentially a rapist and should be treated as such. What they are trying to do is to create "male guilt" the same way they'e created white guilt in the mainstream population. A generation from now, you are going to have young men who actually believe that they are rapists...even though they've never raped anyone.

This really is the end of the line for men, as there's isn't much more ground to give. Once you accept that you are a rapist by definition, the next logical step is submitting to castration (if not in a physical than in a psychological sense). Time is running out for men to organize and start pushing back.


Master Don Juan
May 10, 2013
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Many blue pill men can't even handle a woman even crying over something trivial, FFS how is he supposed to consciously act when she is begging him to stop... men have a conscience, men are not evil, we know what is right and wrong... the very notion of 'teach men not rape' or the subtext, "men are monsters, teach them not be" is the most deeply insulting, hateful bias and prejudiced idea I have EVER heard... and men resisting that message is not "rape is normalised" its "men are so deeply insulted by the very idea that anyone could believe such a horrible thing about men en masse that they feel they have to say something...


Master Don Juan
Aug 26, 2012
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The world is full of crazy assh0les that need to get laid. Nothing's gonna sway me from proudly being masculine and that's that. People need to stop giving fvckwad a platform to stand on. It's trendy now, but in due time society will normalize itself, yin and yang will always prevail.


Senior Don Juan
Jun 5, 2014
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Exactly! Women are using this to even take revenge from some guys. In India a girl accused a guy of raping her,in the medical report there was no sign of any sexual assault. Later on,it was found out that the girl actually liked the guy and the guy rejected him so she wanted to destroy his life.

Punishment for rape is Imprisonment for not less than 7 years and can extend to Life imprisonment.

And if some woman accuses some guy of rape,the public would f*ck him down and might even kill the guy.

Women are been given too much importance because of this Rape Culture.

Poon King

Nov 30, 2014
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Men didn't "lose ground" as much as they gave it away.

You can thank the white knights and beta chumps of the world. Men who would give up all dignity, self-respect, money, life and limb just to feel the inside of a vagina.

Weak men. Pathetic men.

As long as white knighting continues, the average man will experience more and more cultural and legal hostility.

A wise man once said: Women would rather share a winner than have a loser to herself. And since a good 90% of men are betas (never mind what they sacrifice to build society) women view these men as "losers".. and therefore disposable. The guy who drives a truck so she can eat fresh food every day? LOSER. The guy who fixes her car? LOSER. The guy risking his life to fix power-lines in a snow storm? LOSER.

Why? Because if he was a "winner" he would be on TV, or a CEO, or an athlete, or another sexy job.

As women don't respect these men.. these men become desperate. In their desperation they make it their mission in life to serve women and do whatever women want in hopes of getting love/affection/approval.

The problem is.. when many of these men move on to great things or high status.. they never lose that low self-esteem from years of rejection. So you have people in public office making laws who let their wives dominate them. Same with many top business execs.

Sex is great. Romantic relationships with women are great. However.. EVERY man must find a life purpose outside of sex and approval from women. Every man should wake up in the morning with a goal outside of women/children/family. This is what gives a man self-respect and true purpose.

Today's man has lost all purpose outside of women. And when women are the only thing in the world that matters.. the culture will start to reflect that. The media tells women: You can have everything. The media tells men: Nothing matters in life without a woman. :crackup:

Men don't care about themselves.. so why should women care? Why should anyone?

Men didn't lose ground. They gave it away because women are more important.


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Greasy Pig

Master Don Juan
Dec 22, 2009
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My biggest beef is that a man can be charged with rape and publicly named and shamed even before a verdict is delivered (here in Australia at least).
But the woman remains anonymous even if the guy is acquitted.

We had a case here last year about a US sailor who was charged with rape: http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-31/us-sailor-found-not-guilty-of-raping-darwin-woman/5859012
His name and photo were splashed all over the news but it took a jury less than an hour to acquit him.
During the trial, it was shown that the "victim" and her friend had fvcked multiple sailors each and that she had fvcked the defendant's friend earlier that week.
The defendant and the woman began dancing at a club and she agreed to go back to his room where she claims she changed her mind.
So here we have a complete slore who's fvcked half the U.S. navy suddenly having a conscience and accusing some poor bastard of rape.
And she was never named! It fvcking stinks.


New Member
Dec 2, 2014
Reaction score
NB, Canada
It seems to me that rape is certainly a sex-biased crime, and so I can understand why women feel passionately about trying to prevent it from happening to as many women as they can. I think the way they are going about enacting this passion to prevent rape is unlikely to work out well in the end though. At bottom I think part of the problem is a conflict between a womans right to not be assaulted, and principles of justice laid down over 800 years ago in Magna Carta (innocent until proven guilty).

Some of the main points of the article were that we shouldn't blame victims and that placing blame on victims leads to women having to contrain themselves in certain areas. I agree that you can't put 100% of the blame on any victim, but reality is not black and white. I gather from the article that the rapes they are focusing on are not "real rapes" (eg: man in the bushes with a knife jumping on a woman) but rather situations where unwanted sex happens in a situation where it could reasonably have been consensual (eg: man and woman alone at the man's house, and he goes farther than she wants to). The justice system, based on the principle of innocent until proven guilty and assuming a lack of any concrete evidence of rape, simply should not prosecute these types of cases, and pushing towards prosecuting them logically leads to the character assassination tactics which are complained about in this article (no-holds-barred once you are in the court room).

By taking focus away from efforts that they are calling victim blaming and contraining women, it seems to me that they are encouraging (well, maybe more like un-un-encouraging) women from avoiding these types of situations. It seems analagous to a hypothetical situation where groups of thugs hang out outside of a gambling addiction meeting, and invite people over to their houses for a friendly poker game; then, after several gambling addicts have all their money stolen by the thugs, and the meeting organizer tells everyone not to go to strange people's houses for games of poker because if they steal your money then they will just say that you lost it fairly, the gambling addicts get upset. Yeah, it would be nice if you could just do whatever you want, but the world is a jungle as much as it is a civilized society. By suggesting that women should not have to make intelligent decisions in this regard, the rape culture movement could potentially lead women who would have otherwise made smart decisions to put themselves into these situations and get raped.

A few other things that I found odd about the article: The author uses statistics from the military, which I suspect are not representative of society as a whole. Also, the what should society do about rape culture conclusion is basically devoid of any content except "awareness spreading" (not sure how many actual rapists read blog posts and take them seriously...). From the little that I am aware of the movement, it seems like the movement is actually trying to move in a direction of abandoning principles of justice.


Don Juan
Oct 11, 2013
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happy new year guys.....I haven't posted in a while but since I spotted this it just so happens that its very apt,,,,to something I saw very recently , I will make it as short as poss......

I was out with some people from work ...night out food and beer......there was this one chick who was getting her bits felt all night by this guy who she works with.....now for me to sit and watch this was very strange as it was going on right in front of my eyes , and no-one give a shyt.....and all that was going through my mind was how this young guy had no clue about the world we are now living in.

all it would take is for her to feel like a sloot when she wakes up in the morning when everyone is telling her what she was doing while being under the influence..........then bingo.......her only way out to protect her self is the rape charge.........im not saying for a minute that it will happen......and I fvckin hope it doesn't..........but I think it was very risky was he was doing.

the media has also made these kind of charges so easy for people to make even years after the supposed event...........its a joke and a con........and can and does ruin lives and familys........I think its about time all these so called do gooders who make the rules wake up and set some proper boundries...........as time moves forward we will be seeing more of this type of thing imo.......if not as a bribe for money , it will be because such a lot of the attention whoores out there want revenge.

I have seen a massive shift in the way you have to work nowadays to get poon.......again all media driven because females now think and want what the celebs have.........NOT GOOD