Pulling BPD Back In


Don Juan
Aug 10, 2012
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5string said:
When you are sleeping under a bridge in a 55 gal drum when it's over, I'll come get you.
Haha! I ****ing laughed out loud


Senior Don Juan
Jan 9, 2012
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I would tread carefully, Driggs, I really would. For however much bravado you put up here, she's got into your grey matter and its gonna take a lot of determination, some luck, some pain and shrewdness to come out of this the winner.

I think that the flaw with these creatures is that they are possessive, a fact that is little mentioned on posts about them.

My recipe for getting your own back is-

1) Take some time out from the game-a month or two to recover and also to get annoyed. Your mojo will be down at the moment so get it flowing again.

2) GO COMPLETELY GHOST N.C. (See post of that name) and under no circumstances ever contact her EVER.

3) When a new girl arrives that you like send her a picture with a caption about pleased to announce engagement. This is longer term- 3months to a year.

You have to tell yourself that these are a predatory animal that lack the comprehension level that we do.

You will never completely feel like you've won, but it will restore your confidence and sanity if you follow my advice.

Best wishes,