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Senior Don Juan
Jan 28, 2003
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IMO, Tamale might be the next generation Wyldfire, a women DJuanita that I think you should definitely check out. Wyldfire is one of the ancient DJs who gave a lot of amazing posts (her stuff is in the bible too!) but unfortunately left for good.

Anyways, Tamale inspired me to bring up a post for fun that Wyldfire started which is to post your pic online for people to see!

So lets see if anybody has the guts to post their pic online and show it to people.

So far, I might be wrong but I've only seen Caucasian and black DJs put their photos online for people to see. So since I'm asian, I'll be the first one up for mine!

I'm the guy wearing the grey hood in the middle by a girl to my left. Feel free to leave me comments, advice on how to improve my looks, flame, etc. I consider myself average and I think I need to work a lot more to improve my looks.. especially when caucasian and black guys tend to look better than asian guys....

http://www-personal.umich.edu/~chijenc/last year 2.jpg

I hope I won't be the only one posting my pics up. Lets see some pics, fellow DJs!


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Ashlee Angel

Master Don Juan
Mar 18, 2002
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This is me and my cousin taken a week ago. It's fvcked up because it was taken on my camera phone.


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Senior Don Juan
Mar 19, 2003
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Buffalo Ney York baby!