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Popping Wood In Public


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2005
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Popping wood in public: What to do

Ok guys, so we all know that this will increase time reaction for boners. Well what do you guys to when you pop wood in public, school, church, etc.?

What I Learned:

1) If you concentrate on holding your breath, your little friend will go down quick. Exhale all your air, then try to hold it there without inhaling. Let go right before your about to turn blue and try again. This was the fastest result.

2) As soon as a get wood, if im standing: i'll get up next to a table (smash it against there), chair, etc. Or if im with some girls and they are just touching me and im getting big, then i'll jog/walk away NOT HOLDING MY DIK (if noone is in front of you, then they can't see it, so just pump arms normaly)

3) If im sitting: I go into keggles.

4) If your on a dancefloor or somewhere where there is no way out: First if im not wearing a long shirt or hoody-like shirt that you can put your hands in to hold your dic from the pockets, then im stuck with a short but pimping shirt. You could wear baggy pants so you can pull your buckle down to lil Jon.

This is what you do, after the girl leaves you, or you leave her with your dic out, put your hand in your pants, and grab the side of your dic and pull it throws your pocket. If this causes problems (can't reach it or its too obvious), then grab your boxers (if your wearing boxer-briefs then your dic won't stick out as much) really tight and pull towards pocket. When you do this then: If your dic is on the right side of your pants, then lean back on your left leg. This will let your right leg be bent so it causes more of a loose/baggy waist for you hiding your dic.

Walk away slowly/quickly depending on how many people are looking or in your path.

If your working the girl, and she feels it, YOUR IN. Girls love it when they know they can turn a guy on.

I can't think of anymore, HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS? WHAT DO YOU GUYS DO?



Senior Don Juan
Oct 21, 2003
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This always works for me.

Think about slicing across your peehole like you got a paper cut.

Instant wood kill. :D


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Don Juan
Apr 17, 2005
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I give myself something that requires full attention in the back of my mind, a random long division problem to do in my head. I get lost in the numbers and the flag comes down.:up:

And Vanilla...ooohh....:nervous:


Senior Don Juan
Nov 17, 2005
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I hate when that happens.... I just try to think of something nasty.