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POF Because your AA is too much to bear?

Online or street sarging?

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Master Don Juan
Jul 13, 2012
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How many of you actually go out sarging and hit on girls?

Do you only use online dating?

If YES why?

If NO how many girls do you hit on in a week, whats your success rate?

Stagger Lee

Master Don Juan
Sep 7, 2009
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I use online and also go out to bars a few times a week and do approaches. Although, I go out much less often and do less approaches than I use to.

I use online because going out and doing approaches in bars takes hours of my time, I always drink some, cost me some money, and has a low success rate for me. My approach to lay rate percentage is probably in the single digits. That might sound aweful but the reality is cold approaches give a low return rate.

I generally only do 4 approaches in a night and am only out for 2-3 hours max.

With online dating my message to meet up ratio percentage is also probably in the single digits, but it's low effort. In the past an internet meetup would be a lay up to 70% or more of the time. Now meet ups have been returning less than single digit percentages. The only thing that has changed is my hair is a little thinner and I'm a few years older and my pics are getting old. Its all about looks.


Master Don Juan
Oct 21, 2010
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The Wild Wigga From the West
i do everything.. street game , day game ( if i can i take the train home from school. so i CAN do it.. my AA kicks in so i mostly don't. ) night club ( been there past 2 nights) and i have been trying out OKC atm. got to have all your bases covered.


Master Don Juan
Jan 4, 2012
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I don't have much time to go out much anymore...online using NN's system with a couple of small modifications is probably giving me a 20-25% message to number ratio..
of that I am probably meeting up with 50% of the women I actually am messaging(have so many numbers its ridiculous---over 50 in under a month) and have fvcked 5 out of 8, all SNL although to be fair the one girl messaged me and said I look like I'd be a fun f buddy.
.so that was pretty much in the bag from the get go...

Great way to find women to fvck and not deal with all the drama and BS of relationships..


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