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Please consider being a little more strict


Senior Don Juan
Feb 18, 2002
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Firstly, my sincere apologies to all mods who had to endure reading the "dont use anti-perspirants" thread, while I didn't post it, I did post something out of anger that I later edited but alas I was quoted lol

Secondly, I really think there should be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to racism, specially when it comes to things like stuartscott said, that was way out of line, please be a little more stringent with people.

I hate to see the board infused with so much negativity and hatred (all caused by sexual frustration probably) it's a real waste of time, and it encourages others to be the same.

I think everyone needs to contribute a little more to nurturing a respectful environment where people are not attacked at the drop of a dime, where we can exchange opinions and discuss things without letting our emotions run wild.

peace and love to all


"Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives. Hence, the countless examples of people who have the clearest convictions and yet act diametrically against them time and time again; and have as the only explanation for their behavior the idea that to err is human." Carlos Castaneda - The Fire From Within

"It is the responsibility of the strong to help the weak become strong" - Harlan Ellison