Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part II

Jul 22, 2001
The Conversation – Part II: Creating Rapport

This is when you start to run serious game on her. The easiest way to create rapport is to start asking about her background. It should be done in a stylish way that makes you seem similar to her. To make her as interested in you as possible you need to make things up when you need to; this requires quick thinking, preparation, and good listening skills.

I recommend starting your rap with this question:

“Where are you from?”

There are 3 possible situations:

A) She lives around the area but grew up someplace else

B) She’s been living around the area all her life

C) She’s just visiting and is from out of town

*Each situation assumes you’re living in an area you didn’t grow up in*

Running game in each scenario:

A) She lives around the area but grew up someplace else:

  • She’ll give you a city, state, and/or country

    i. You’ve been there: “That’s a nice place….I was there < days, weeks, months, years> ago…how long you been living here?”

    ii. You’ve never been there: “Oh…I’ve never been there before…what’s it like over there?”……<she answers>……how long you been living here?”

    iii. You’ve never heard of the place: “Where’s that at?”…..< she answers> …. …..how long you been living here?”

  • She’ll say: “I’ve been living here for < length of time>”.
  • If she says: “ I don’t live here, I’m just visiting”… go directly to part C.
  • You say: “I’ve been living here for < length of time> now.… how you like it here?”
  • Saying how long you’ve been living here before asking how she likes it here will make it sound like you’re not just asking questions. Your rap can’t just consist of questions; you have to tell her things about yourself that are relevant to the situation as well.
  • If she says she likes it here you say:

    “ I like it here too…it’s a nice place”.
  • If she says she doesn’t like it here or says, “It’s alright”… you say:

    “ Yeah… I know…it’s not really that nice around here”.
  • A good way to make yourself seem similar to her is to agree with her.

B) She’s been living around the area all her life:

  • After she tells you she’s from here, ask:

    “You been here all your life?”
  • She will say yes, tell you she moved back from another place, or tell you she’s always lived relatively in the same area. ……. make sure you remember this stuff so you can bring it up later in the conversation.
  • Then say… “Yeah…it’s nice being close to home …I’ve been living here for <time> now”.
  • Saying… “Yeah…it’s nice being close to home…” …shows her that you listened and were able to relate to her situation.

C) She’s just visiting and is from out of town:
  • She will say ….. “I’m from <place>……I’m just here visiting”.
  • If she didn’t mention how long she (would be/was) in town, then say:

    “How long you here for?”…or… “How long you been here?”
  • Decide whether you’ll continue speaking to her based on how much longer she’ll be in town.
  • If you decide to continue running game just pick up from:

    “I’ve been living here for < time> now…….how you like it here so far?”

* There are many variables in the beginning but they’ll all eventually come together.

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