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Patriarchy Revival 9 - Masculine Intellect


Master Don Juan
Jul 29, 2020
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When one considers Masculine Morality vs. Masculine Intellect, one finds an important distinction: Masculine Intellect will always be more lucky.

When we consider the idea of luck, we conceive this as an idea associated with chance... However, the further we break down our interpersonal relationships, we find a curious thing: Intelligent men have more chances to be successful, in anything they do.

Truthfully, the fortitude required to be physically maxed out is a fraction of the fortitude required to train your mind, because the mind can be trained at any time, anywhere and so we must first come to terms with our lost potential... Lost potential physically, affects certain situations, lost intellect will unquestionably change your entire life, including your physical training.

The mind should be trained first, because not all minds are the same, in the way our bodies are... Each mind varies so greatly, but our bodies mostly respond in kind.

Obviously, the idea is to put both worlds together, be smarter and stronger, but sometimes, either will suffice and more times than not, throughout all life, being smarter will be better... Being fit will take significantly less time.

We dont want to be strong or smart and lucky, we want to be strong, smart and lucky... If all you are doing is physical development, taking on your intellectual development will take a significant commitment.... But take that commitment and apply it to yourself, so they can take their commitment and apply it to us.