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Patriarchy Revival 8 - Masculine Morality


Master Don Juan
Jul 29, 2020
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Our insecurities, often invoke an attempt to control the people around us and often, these insecurities and control manifest in the form of Morals.

What is morality?
Principles concerning the distinction
between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

One of the ambiguous things we see about this definition is the ideas of Right, Wrong, Good, Bad... So really, this... Word, it almost lacks an actual definition and in order for it to be truly defined, a perspective has to be attached.

Traditionally, the perspective we have attached to morals is Christianity. Without morals in Christianity, the religion would of fallen apart long ago, simply because they view it as immoral to question the contents of the bible and much more importantly, their interpretation of it... Without these morals in place, people would begin to question the ideas associated with Christianity and it would inevitably fall a part.

In this way, whenever we see Morals attached to something, our immediate response should be to question that idea to high hell.

Yet, when we talk about Masculinity, we find ourselves trying to be swayed by men on a Moral basis, not a reason or fact basis... This idea should always be questioned.

Truthfully, masculinity is a flawed concept, enforced by the biggest of men, why? Because no man can stand up to the crowd, but he can provide enforcement on an individual basis, and create a hierarchy within his enforcers of masculinity.

Truthfully, I am glad that I can come forward and share this information with you; our race has been waiting to evolve out of the idea of masculinity for a long time, but the fearful, the insecure and the uncompetitive, masculinity has been a refuge for these folk, but with the rise of education, we no longer have to do this.

My aim is not to destroy Masculinity, but to refine it down past the ideas of Morals and really get into what works and what does not.

The first thing that works, for me anyways, is the idea of Self-Development, alongside masculinity because point blank, being a man is competitive and that is Ok.. But we have strayed away from healthy competition as men and have instead, chose to hide behind terms like Cucking (An emotional attachment to a woman) as if this is something new in our culture.

The word itself, Cuck, is born of the emotional mind, yet so many here claim to be rational men, yet use this word as if it means something else than having an emotional attachment.

The idea of the cuck, on So Sauve, is a moral, cognitive dissonance... On the one hand, every time a plate breaks, that is you, by definition, being a cuck, yet you feel nothing because of the lack of a emotional attachment... The only difference between your wife leaving you and a plate breaking, is the emotional attachment.

If we are truly rational men and not emotional men, cucking is simply another Masculine Moral we press onto each other, born of an emotional situation.