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Patriarchy Revival 6 - Instinct and The Hall of Dancing Statues


Master Don Juan
Jul 29, 2020
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When we often think of Instinct, we think of... Something basic, unrefined. This is not the type of instinct I will speak of.

Instinct, is, to me, the highest form of human behavior there is... It is a byproduct of experience, great experience and its impact at times can be just intangible, to the unexperienced.

However, as some of you may of already noticed, they are not playing our game, but in fact, we are playing their game... This is not to say that she does not want to play your game, she does, however she does not want her social life participants, to see her playing your game... When they do, she will either need to outright acknowledge that you are higher value or she will make herself into a victim and we all know how this one goes.

So if we want her to play our game, we need to start by developing our game, into something that can capture her feminine imagination and we need to protect this game from her social life.

This is why social media, to me, is the most impactful part of dating, because it brings to light compromising situations that women can use to attack each other through, its like a biodome of female interaction that men occasionally have input in and often, the impacts we have are not in real time, we get brought up by association, etc..

However, what we really have to understand are the nuances involved in this female biodome of interaction that is Social Media... There are instincts developed through social media that we do not have access to, might not ever have access to and within that, there can ALWAYS be an ulterior motive for her actions.

For the reason of instinct, we never want to play her game, because all her games are a process of cultivating an advantage for her and disadvantage for you... Due to her instinct, you can be in one of these situations and not even know it, you cannot really develop instincts about this until after the fact.

The Hall of Dancing Statues, I believe, houses men and women, who are not inferior, but are so instictually in a rut, that their mind is not allowing them to see other options... They are observing their options instictually, then choosing instictually.

In this way, when we get into bad ways of thinking, we become instinctual about that way of thinking... It invades us, like a mantra that we tell ourselves over and over.

You are not an incel, you are in an incel instinct.

Share your instinct and philosophize how it has made your life better or worse.