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Past 7 days: report


Don Juan
Jun 18, 2022
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I don't see enough reports on here of actual "approaches" and how things escalated. I am going to change that. Do with it what you want - learn, laugh, or don't believe - you choose.

Day 1: Walked into the the spot my friend and I were going to, scanned for second, spotted a blonde 9, I made mental note to not look again. Went and sat down a bit away from this blonde - but just so that I would have to pass by on my way to the bar. I started chatting with one of her friends, went back to my seat and then started doing my own thing with my friend. On one of the walks passing by - I approach her friend and get introduced. I feigned disinterest in my target - and it remains so, I mostly chat with her friend, my friend comes over and we spend about an hour talking. All the while I hardly say a word other than in passing to the blonde. We are new to the area so we make dinner plans as a group. We end up going to a pretty nice bar/restaurant. I sat way away from the blonde but slowly increase my interactions - mostly negs - which she starts to try and dismiss but also smiles a bit. (Keep in mind when I neg a girl it is always so innocent, silly and stupid that they won't really take offense) I start openly flirting with the bartenders, which play along. I make a very silly comment about just noticing a very prominent feature the blonde has - to which she rolls her eyes and says something like " you are just now noticing?" I laugh and changed topic. We end up hitting a different spot for drinks - it is at this point that I make my move and find myself next to the blonde. I look at her and say "I want to tell you something" I move to her ear, and just tell her how hot she is. She laughs and I pretend to be "shy", it is after this point that she starts making much more eye contact. I walk back beside her and just kept eyes locked and bam. Just drop a kiss on her. We make out and hang out with the others for a bit. I hit on a girl that is nearby, all while this blonde is still next to me. Blonde says " aww you have a crush on her" and instead of getting defensive we end up breaking down why such girl is in fact attractive lol. Blonde and I end up having some adventure that includes dancing, other bars, lots of conversations with other strangers, we get back to the hotel early morning, at which point I find myself in her room.

Day 2: I am hanging out with my friend, I walk over to the bar to grab a drink. I start some small talk with the two bartenders, and then notice a 3rd one with whom I make quick eye contact. I just blurt out something like " you can't look at me" with a smile of course. For the next few hours it becomes a game with this bartender to the point where she puts the little receipt folder to hide her eyes when she serves me - all smiling of course. I play dumb with a bathroom code and she walks me over to it. Exchange contact info. I could have probably closed but no, better plans ahead.

Day 3: I am recently single. So my ex texts me if she can drop of a charger - I say yes. She comes in to drop off the charger. I just picked her off her feet carry her to my bed, throw her down and yep. We have not had much contact for a month - except for her weekly d appointments. She mentions a love mark on my body and I just shrug it off. I told her she needs to tell her future husband about us and she smiles, and I say this is the last time - she just looks at me with a look that says " no it is not" . It's true - learn to f**k and they will keep coming. She dislikes me in real life :( but in bed she will do anything still :)

Day 4 & 5: recovery days

Day 6: As with every time I go out - my goal is to have fun and enjoy my time with my friends first and foremost - the women are always a given so no worries. We hit up a few spots for food and beer. We constantly small talk with whoever is unlucky enough to pass my us boys and girls - people are always receptive to our innocent humor. We chat it up with one of the waitresses for a good 10 minutes. She is down. We get her contact info. We head over to a different bar - this is where we decide the waitress is below our standard and run a small experiment instead. We text this woman the dumbest text I can think of. " I don't need to know your favorite color, just your nalgas (spanish for buttcheeks)" she responds " lol" we ask "what time are you off" and she gives a time to which we respond with a cool " see you then" her reply? " sure" - our experiment results: all girls want the d - just assume it, but be "classy" and funny.

Day 6 continued: We venue change to a club. I find the hottest girl I can see and tell her to hang out with me instead of everyone else. She does for about an hour, enough to maybe pique all the other girls attention? I then spot another girl - much much better than the first. Somehow I manage to make eye contact. We look at each other and I introduce myself. We chat for a bit and I ask if the 1st girl is her competition. She seems surprised and intrigued. We hang out for about half an hour. I show her the texts from the waitress earlier in the night and talk about women for a bit. I start getting bored and ask if there is any other venues nearby like a bar she knows of. She tells me and also says " i can't go" I say " i know" - half an hour later she's at the bar with me lol. We just vibe until the bar closes - her legs on me, simple kino. At some point I just look at her, put my hand on her neck and pull her towards me. We just make out for a while and more openly enjoy each other's company - all very innocent still. Bar closes and we start saying our goodbyes. At this point I just looked at her and say " i want to f you" she says " i can't take you home" to which I put my hand in hers and give her a peck and say "are you sure" and put up my 3 fingers to countdown as I take a step away. When I hit 0, she is smiling with her eyes and says yes. We head over to her place and stay up for several hours. She comes a few times. At the end, I notice her bed is wet and comment on it. She looks at me and says " I don't have to lie with you like with other guys" - It is always about the girl - not you! they finish first or you don't!

Day 7: recovery and relationship problems lol
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