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Pain in my left knee


Don Juan
Jun 24, 2021
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If you think it's bad now wait til after 40.

Pilates is good for flexibility...I used to do it for a while to help with muscle ROM that was getting way too tight when I lifted really heavy.

Very effective and very challenging too. Looks easy but is not.
If I could go back in time I sure would do some thing's differently. The body is pretty resilient in our teens and twenties and doesn't always give us the negative feedback we need to make adjustments. I try to instill in the younger guys what I wish I had done. And unless I'm hovering over them making them do it, they just blow it off. My mid 30s was my strength apex with a mid 600 squat and a 710 DL. I did nothing but light half a$$ warm ups. At age 44-45 the injuries started piling up. Torn pec, torn lat, torn hamstring, fractured my vertebrae, and herniated several disc. I continue lifting but I spend about as much time doing mobility work before and stretching after as I do on my lifts. Besides my Chiropractor, I'm starting to think supplementing with collagen is starting to pay off. I believe it's in our 30's we start losing about 1% of our body's collagen a year. BTW, I still believe lifting is as important to muscle and bone health as anything but bad lifting and a loud ego will wreck you.