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Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2004
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I haven't used P90X, yet, but I can confirm such programs do work, depending on your goals.

My personal trainer-friend has switched from teaching straight strength training to full-body, kettlebell, cardio intensive workout programs. I would imagine he also incorporates much of what p90X does. I have switched over to mostly KBs and BW exercises, and I know for a fact I am stronger through these workouts than I would be pushing weight in fashion, linearly and only being trained for a specific exercise.

Mindsets are often locked in that cardio + weight-lifting are the only ways to true fitness. In fact, that's entirely false.

Kettlebells (either through Diluglio or Pavel) or P90X BW workouts are BEST for MOST of America and will probably be where every person ends up gravitating toward, and here's one:

1. Engaging and varied workouts that require through and through focus to complete.
2. Keeps Heart Rate high for maximum Fat burning.
3. Time-efficient. Combine cardio and weights.
4. Work muscles that are not easily or normally targetted by traditional lifting programs.
5. Constant improvement in body weight mastery.
6. Increases in strength, endurance, and flexibility WITHOUT designing separate workouts to target them.
7. Different workouts can target different goals, while working the whole body, the way it is meant to be used.


We should delineate between aesthetics, functionality, and health benefits. The surest and fastest way for the out of shape person to attain a high level of fitness IS through a p90X workout OR kettlebells.

Straight up, I've always hated cardio and running. HIIT was about the most I would do. I hated running and walking doesn't do jack. Since switching to KBs for most of that, I can run or spring if I want to, I'm good at it, I'm faster, my legs work better because I have trained them better to run or walk better, my coordination and focus are better, and I do enjoy HIIT now more to test myself and less to lose fat.

Holding a KB that weighs 35lbs, 44lbs, or more and doing various movements for 2-5 minutes and much more taxing than anything one can do in traditional lifting, and this coming from someone who was moving over 250 on my bench, 400 on my dead, and more than 350 on squat.

If you're that type of person that wants ultimate fitness, then KBs, BWs, and workouts like P90x will only enhance that aspect of you. If you're a college guy or girl, busy worker, or have a family, then other such workouts are far better uses of time to achieve your best shape than traditional lifting.

This is due to the fact that MOST training programs focus on spliting the body into 4-6 different workouts, NOT counting cardio. Plus if you are trying to lose fat, you don't want to do just lifting or just cardio. The primary goal of lifting is to gain strength, often gaining mass (depending on your diet). The primary goal of cardio is fat loss, stamina and endurance.

Just because you can bench alot DOES not mean you can do alot of pushups, pullups, hindu squats, wall sits, lunges, or whatever. Most traditional weight-lifting workouts generate gains that movement specific, i.e, if you bench alot, you can bench alot, but that doesn't translate to other areas.

Most pro teams have AT least switched over to kettlebells (anthony diluglio boasts training the titans and jaguars), and most do Bodyweight exercises that stress mastery one's body, and then build onto that platform.

I'm not here to steer any person in any direction and if you have your own ideas, do them. I am simply clearing up the misnomer that the only path to success is through weight lifting, eating a ton of food and following the herd. As a near 30 year old guy, I'll tell you being in Shape like the OP has posted will get you every woman you want, if that's your goal. Being built is fine, but women do prefer abs over most every body part. Plus, that makes your **** bigger (less fat around the base), and you look better naked.

Most guys in their late 20's and definately by the 30's became fat; just look at every wedding photo out there. Drinking and a fast paced lifestyle that does not allow for a good diet if not planned well easily make being obese a very real possibility. I know coming up to the wedding I'll be attending, only a handfull of guys will be close to inshape, and this is pretty consistent everywhere I look, mostly due to people's false ideas about working out and just general lack of dedication to it.


Every person would benefit from the aforementioned programs, either wholly or partly. If your aim is to move as much iron as possible, go for it. But that does not mean total body fitness or that it is the best usage of time for calories burned. I've done alot of workouts in 12 years and would swear by Kettlebells, BW, or even something like P90X before I could traditional lifting. Were I to return to that, I know my strength would back FAST, but I also know I could last longer given my increased endurance and I would also begin lifting MORE because I have built up all the muscles necessary to bust through plateaus.

I think the OP was just excited that he finally FOUND what works for himself and wanted to bring that to the boards. These boards have always been locked in the dark ages of high protein, cardio, and weight lifting routines as the means to the end of body wellness. But such training rarely flows over well to real situations that demand constant movement, rigorous cardio activity, or even sports.

I'd check these things out more and open your minds up a bit. Kudos to the OP for achieving HIS goals.



Master Don Juan
Jul 13, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
I've heard P90X work for certain people I've talked to. I think its a interesting mode of training, and I like the huge variety of exercises it uses. Personally for me, I'd consider incorporating into a "conventional" strength training program, but would never do it "by itself" ... I'm not happy unless I've gotta throw around a couple hundred pounds of iron...

I don't like how different fitness methodologies, and their corresponding proponents are so dogmatic about their way being the "best" way. Its almost like saying one religion is better than the other. Overall, just seems silly. People should learn and figure out what works for them and incorporate different methodologies to achieve their fitness goals.