Online dating now destroying social circles

Epic Days

Master Don Juan
May 7, 2019
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Remember the scene in 'Revenge of the Nerds', when the masked nerd rapes the cheerleader in the funhouse, and then confesses that all nerds think about is sex? That scene might epitomize this INCEL problem, on so many levels.
I do remember this. Lol
Suppression of their desires is pretty dangerous stuff.


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Master Don Juan
Sep 13, 2019
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Southeast USA
I do remember this. Lol
Suppression of their desires is pretty dangerous stuff.
I've noticed this same phenomenon in the PUA community, which encourages its members to wear a mask, rather than actually transforming themselves into something irresistible, not to become a lady's man, but just a man.

What happens when you leave a kid in a room with a plate of cookies('Candid Camera' style)? Even the most disciplined kid will demonstrate clear signs of interest and a sense of distraction. Many will go and grab one, even when they know they're not supposed to. Some will even stuff their pockets. Change the cookies for a pile of ****, and the opposite happens. Doesn't even require explaining. Right?

The PUA community caters to the desire to make a pile of **** look and smell like a plate of cookies. No need to elaborate.

These guys need to stop focusing on how to get women to eat ****, and start working on replacing the pile of **** with an actual(metaphorical) plate of cookies.

To do the latter requires taking your eyes off the "prize," and doing the necessary, hard, transformative WORK, to actually BECOME the PRIZE, not just hypnotizing yourself into believing you already are. If you already were, you wouldn't need to ask a 3rd party if girls liked you; they aren't that disciplined.

Having said all that, the motivation needs to be to become better men, not to pick up chicks. Women are just a result, not the goal. They can be even more of a pain in the ass when they're treating you like a plate of cookies, than when they're treating you like a pile of sh1t.