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May 3, 2013
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Interesting though. Going out on a limb here, but it seems like there was a lot of anti-English resentment in Ireland and Scotland when most of the English were dictated to by their superiors. It seems in Ireland at least the Prods and the Catholics were pitted against each other by the English upper classes, knowing it was going to be a bloodbath.

It's kinda hard to fathom the class system here in America as most of the British seem like proper and polite people. As opposed to India where it seems more justified.
This goes back even further . The celts (Scots Irish and welsh) were the original inhabitants of these islands and they were kicked out to the west and north by the Saxons and Angles (Germans and Danes basically). They’ve always been separate to us. We were sick to death of being ruled by Rome so up started the Church of England. I largely agree with this, as Catholicism to an English mind is a superstitious and corrupt mess.

Prods and catholics was just another proxy for Celt and Saxon. It’s nice to think that it was just the work of the ruling classes but the celts have always hated us bitterly to this day. This is largely forgotten in Wales, almost forgotten in Scotland but the Irish still hate us with a passion. For most English, knowing the history, they actually are very sympathetic to the Celts but I’m not. It was years and years ago but the entire basis of their culture is 90% hatred of English people and my view is they can spin on it.

English people aren’t up their own backside with flags everywhere, droning on and on about their culture/nation but the Celts never give it a rest, and it boils my piss.


Master Don Juan
Jan 27, 2008
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Hi Fruitbat,
Yeah,I agree certainly no love lost between the Brits and The Southern Irish perhaps with good reason...But can't agree on the Celts....Though it appears that Celtic Culture was embraced and nurtured in Ireland the Population is actually much more West Atlantic stock only 9% Celt....On a percentage basis,Seems the Scots have the greatest Percapita Celtic stock at 15%,the English are the single greatest repository of Celtic Genes at 11%...The Celts are a mystery package indeed, their buried bodies with Celtic genes and Tartan clothes,even being found in remote parts of Central Asia!...There are Alpine Celts in Czechoslovakia,Austria and N.Italy...That 6.000 year old Man in the Ice found on the Italian-Austrian Border a few years ago,was a Celt...To complicate matters even further,it seems there are many Ethnographers who doubt that they even existed as a race!....The very name seems to have come from the Ancient Greek word Keltii meaning barbarian....May I recommend a good yarn to you?..."Blood of the Isles" by Bryan Sykes he is a Molecular Biologist who specialises in Gene Science.
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