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Need some advice.

Jerry Maguire

Senior Don Juan
Apr 4, 2005
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What advice would you guys give an introvert? Is it necessary to be an extrovert to be successful with women?

I don't enjoy a lot of company, I don't dislike people, I just listen to the conversation rather than thinking up things to say, or show off.

I've never approached a girl, nor have I ever approached a guy in a friendly way.

I'm getting to the point where I'm a bit lonely. I wouldn't like to go out all the time and drink etc, but I would like to have the option to if I wanted to. The same for girls, I'd like to have the option even though I don't want them to be around me all the time.


Master Don Juan
Jun 22, 2003
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You sound a bit like me.I'm not big on company either, but I believe that when your ready for it, it'll come to you.You don't change anything about yourself as far as I'm concerned, other than being prepared to take a risk and dive in at the deep end next time you come across a pretty face:cheer:


Don Juan
Jan 23, 2005
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Québec, Canada
To each his own

I don't know if there is a perfect answer to your question. However, no, women do not all flash to extroverts.

Don't you know that some women like the «stong, silent, secure» types? Some women will like men that spare their words because those kind of men are very different from women who talk and wear their feelings on their shirtsleeves all the time.

That being said, it does not subtract from the fact that even if you are somewhat discreet, if you want to augment your chances with the woman that appeal to you, you do have to take your chances and take the occasionnal plunge. Sure, it will be less easy for you to do so as you are not as volubile as an extrovert, but you will reduce your «stage fright» from practice.

Also, you will get to learn that even if you take the plunge and are rejected by that woman, you will see that you will survive to it. Do not fear of being rejected, it's part of life and you will learn from it. Also, practice makes perfect and each time that you make separate advances to a woman, you will tune your approach and your confidence.

Don't continue for all times to ruminate on your fear of being rejected or else you will have no chances of correcting your situation. Plunge and get your own battles scars.


Don Juan
Feb 14, 2003
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London, UK
well there are 2 things to say:

1) Everyone has an introvert and extrovert side. One is typically more developed than the other. If you develop ur extroverted side a bit you'll still be an introvert but u'll be much more confident and outgoing.

2) You can be primarily introverted and still be amazingly self-secure, confident and a great DJ. But u got to use that introspection for personal evolution and self-improvement, rather than sitting lonely and watching at porn or playing computer games.



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