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Apr 3, 2003
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This is a direct link to many of my posts on this site:

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Of course I am not putting up the stupid flame ones.
Apr 3, 2003
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Some comments on Alpha Male andPheremones in a discussion with jake:

But that's precisely it. Your theories on Alpha-males are 100% theoretical. And it is a fact that you cannot even test your theory in this society that is 21st Century America. If you decided to become a powerful caveman tomorrow and decided to just walk into a bank and bully the teller into giving you all the money, what do you think will happen? No one will respect your demands because you have no AUTHORITY. You'll be in the County Jail in roughly 30 minutes."

Bad analogy Jake da fake. Only a fool would try to rob a bank. Being an alpha doesn't mean you go around robbing and stealing. I've also said there are successful alphas working in today's society.

The only was to test is to see if you have all of the traits:

1. hyper senses

2. fast reflexes

3. slightly stronger than you should be for your size

4. fast mind, which doesn't mean super high IQ but clever

5. extreme agressiveness

6. constantly need to "do"

7. natural hatred from the grainers as proved by the genekey shyt

8. inner feeling that this new societies rules are made to be broken....even high up in society alpha's hate rules and will skirt them if they can get away with it. Look at all the ceo alpha's who do things they know they shouldn't do...but then look at the grainer people's obsession with following the rules...driving....laws...grammar...ect ect.

9. and the list goes on...of course I took it from the genekey stuff I ordered.

Maybe this is that mystical thing my white buddy claims I have that makes women attracted to me....hmmm maybe he does have something after all.

I always thought it was just my pheremones. But maybe alpha's have stronger pheremones that women ....
as you know have extreme senses of smell to where they can smell if a man is agood mate or not...

Maybe that is why I remember one of my ex girlfreinds telling me about this aquaintance of mine who was trying to get at her whom didn't have the right smell. He was a nerdy gymnast instructor and disco dancer and she believed he sweated his off on the dance floor...but maybe lesser males do not have that same smell.

I've heard numerous times from women who say something in my breath turns them on.

And they also say they can smell when I'm horny by something in my breath.

Something to think about.

I know I do hate the thought of wearing colognes...which is a masking agent...societies way of trying to get women by smell...and I've heard that a nice cologne does work in some cases.

This whole pheremone thing has me thinking. I know one dude who used to be bisexual. His luck with women is zero dispite that he is a nice looking man.

I'm wondering if it's based on his pheremones...maybe what made him wonder over to the faggot side wasn't as he said because he never learned to connect with women and nobody taught him how to get them...but something in his very body...that made nasty shyt like that possible...

Maybe men with alternate sexuality give off a total wrong or bad smell to women...hence his poor luck with them...

Natures way of making sure that they really do not become breeders. I know he instinctively does not want children or even a relationship is a dim possiblity...

Anybody have any thoughts on this:

edit in:

You've all seen the belly dancer who is on my cop file. She may have a couple of masters degrees but she is also very much intune to her physical body...having studied dance all of her Irish bred life.

She used to tell me that my smell is what drew her too me. She used to keep clothes of mine just to smell them...gross to me but that is things that we all know women say and do.

She said it drove her crazy...oh and she was married to an college proffessor at that time...

My point is that maybe nature did endow alpha's with a certain pheremone that makes women with their highly develped sense of smell attracted to them.


Master Don Juan
May 21, 2004
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Should throw all these in a pdf and make yourself a player bible PS. This is an awesome collection of knowledge.
Apr 3, 2003
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Originally posted by MindOverMatter
Should throw all these in a pdf and make yourself a player bible PS. This is an awesome collection of knowledge.

The quality of my posts is not good enough for that. I would have to go back and clean up my grammar and make it more of traditional english style vs a Public speaking/advertising style of writing.

When I first started learning to write in this style the teacher said that folks who were trained in die-hard english rules will not like what they see.


I am quitting this forum but once again.

I'm tired of all the flamers and haters homie. I need to give it a rest for a few weeks.

Enjoy it.

Now watch some smart mouth pop off and you will see what I'm talking about!


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Apr 3, 2003
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I couldn't leave without leaving a small sample of my copy writing...since I'm such a braggard:


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First of all I'm obviously not a professional writer by any means. When I first started teaching, I knew very little about the concept of aerobic choreography. I couldn’t even count the 8- counts of music, which is the basis of aerobic choreography.

If you can imagine how bad I must have been, your probably half right. I recall using Billy Oceans Caribbean Queen for high impact aerobics back in the early 80’s. Yeah, I just dated myself. (I am 45 years old wink wink)

I spent years teaching myself how to feel the 8 count of music. I have been teaching for about 18 years now.

About 15 years ago I took a choreography workshop that “blew my hair back”-that was when I had hair.

At the workshop I was exposed to a rudimentary system of choreography that allowed me to put moves together into something called a pattern.

I quickly developed my own system from this workshop and was able to start creating simple patterns within minutes. I could do this for every class that I taught, everyday, every month year-after-year without repeating myself.

Needless to say this is a pretty powerful tool for our profession!


Notice the lack of grammar rules? This is what the nerds on this site keep whinning about.

My point in bringing this up is that you guys need to chill out.

Look at the show the player. Look at the last two who made it down to the end.

Look at that guy named JJ. He was white but you couldn't tell by the way he spoke.

The nerds got axed early on. Remember the italian guy with the big nose? He got it in the limo.

If your some kind of nerdy freak you need to chill out and try to act cool. Women go for cool vs uptight. They are uptight enough for everybody without having to kick it with some preppy type of fool.

JJ made it to the end by acting black and talking black. I'm not suggesting that you fellow do the same but try to chill out a bit.

Many of you are like spinsterly school marms (teachers).

Seizing The Day

Don Juan
Sep 23, 2004
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This guys stuff is just plain brillance.

All you guys, young and older alike, better read carefully what this Player Supreme is saying...........its gold.


Senior Don Juan
Apr 26, 2000
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New york, New York
I've been reading some of your posts I hadn't seen before. Alot of good sh*t. That stuff on the alpha thing is very interesting and I will say that in my own experience it would explain alot of things.
Apr 3, 2003
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If you heads recall I was attacked by a few chumps on this site recently. Recall I mentioned going out to a party for the host of a national t.v. show.

I forgot to mention that I was also hitting on the photographer who took everyones photo at the door to my clients house.

The photographer owns her own company and website. When I got home I sent her an email asking her if she was single.

She sent back:

Yah...have been for a while now...single, that is. I've been throwing myself into work and getting started on my Bachelors lately; that takes up most of my time these days. So, needless to say, I don't get out much. I check my e-mail daily, though (if not more)...

Thanks for the kind words. :) You seem pretty fun, yet laid back, as well. Nice picture :) By the way, here's your Red Carpet shot from last night. :)

I better get back to the books - I've got a Communication Analysis test tomorrow night :( Have a great night!

:) Christell


This post is for those who called me a fake!

The difference between keyboard players and the real thing!

You gotta market yourself at all times. I think I have said it many times that I am always scanning for eye contact!


Master Don Juan
Mar 9, 2002
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Worth a read....


Senior Don Juan
Jun 12, 2000
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Guy knows his sh*t! My favorite thread (so far) is the 'Choosing' thread. It's dead on and makes me think that women REALLY are programmed for the mating ritual. I mean SO many of the examples he listed of women 'appearing out of nowhere' or matching your stance/pace are dead ringers. I'm really starting to think that bein able to identify this stuff is priceless! Why? Because I don't think women sit around and study sending/recieving signals like we're doin. I'm thinkin this stuff is wired biologically/evolutionary whatever and that they can't control it. So basically, if you recognize it, 90% of your PU work is done.

Fu*king great and nice bump Ricky.


Dec 15, 2004
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I think many of your post are bible worthy, I go to pimphop, just to read your posts.


Put away your credit card.

You can now read our detailed guide to women and dating for free - Right Here!


Senior Don Juan
Aug 18, 2004
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Originally posted by Bourne
Just came upon this.

This is truly remarkable work.


If this guy's so good, why are all the pics he's posted of women he's banging so ugly? I mean like 3's to 5's ... yikes!