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My lame experience in Medellin, Colombia


Master Don Juan
Oct 14, 2005
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Auckland, New Zealand
If you can't pull "Western" women with your lame game then you definitely will not be pulling any Latin American woman.

Ever interacted with Latino women ? They are just as ballbusting as the Latino men are Macho alpha thugs. Having traveled through South America and dated many of their women over the years (Currently seeing a Brazilian girl here in NZ). You're either paying to play or paying for a visa especially if you cannot speak Spanish or Portuguese.

If you do manage to game a local girl then trust me she isn't going to be your one night stand type of deal like in most Western nations, these people are HARDCORE religious and as beautiful as the women are; they are all out there looking for a "Husband". So your bull****e will only have her cousins at your doorstep in 10 mins with a machete or gun.

If you are looking for a traditional "Wife" then many South American women will be all that and more, they cook they clean they MOTHER YOU ........ and if you're lucky they still go get tanned waxed and dolled up at the salon once a week ....... with YOUR money cause you're her "Gringo" knight in shining armour :D


Master Don Juan
May 17, 2007
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What I don't appreciate are the people who make South America and particularly places like Colombia out to be ***** havens where all you basically have to do is show up. That is the impression I got from reading several blogs before I booked my ticket. I consider myself to have average game; I'm decent at making conversation but am kinda picky about how I approach, big crowds kinda put me off. The situation with trying to infiltrate the big groups at the clubs was pretty discouraging to me; in fact I know even some top tier pickup artists have had trouble with it. I agree making male friends is necessary to get introduced to the right people, dating apps aren't really my thing. Figuratively it would just be nice to find somewhere outside the US where picking up isn't such a chore.

I think the Philippines is the easiest place based on what I've heard. Probably not as easy as it used to be though.

I agree though. I hate it when guys says Colombia is paradise for single men. Yes the women are beautiful and yes there is good wife material. But it isn't really that easy and for most of the hotter women you need to be fluent in Spanish.


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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If you’re a native Spanish speaker, with a Latin American or Hispanic cultural background, you can sweep there. Even more so if you’re not the normal-looking guy that the women see out on the town there. It gets you invited to after-hours house parties, pool parties, etc. If you don’t have a hook it isn’t going to work.

Pipeline a week or two before from wherever you are is the only hope for a true foreigner. Once on the ground make male friends, buy a guy or group of high smv guys a drink and tell them your story at a higher end venue and find out what the real deal is. Part of your trip will be spent hanging with the bros, but if you make fast friends with locals your next trip will yield.
So how is one supposed to approach this Chad? "Hey buddy, you're obviously a stud here, so please tell me how to pick up chicks here - what are you drinking?" You would first have to hope that he didn't misunderstand you as being a homo ...


Master Don Juan
Jun 2, 2021
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Go to higher end venues, not dives. They require monetary resources, the people in Latin America that have money also have education, so they speak some English.

At the bar, find an opportunity - if you don’t speak Spanish risk it by speaking English to the guy/s “say hey guys I was wondering…” or find another way in.

So how is one supposed to approach this Chad? "Hey buddy, you're obviously a stud here, so please tell me how to pick up chicks here - what are you drinking?" You would first have to hope that he didn't misunderstand you as being a homo ...

Jesse Pinkman

Master Don Juan
Mar 24, 2022
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All good points.

Sex tourism works best if you travel to a country that you have some ethnic and cultural connection to. Let’s say you were born in Romania but your parents immigrated to the west when you were a kid. If you go back to Romania as an adult, and can still speak the language, chances are you will do well with the ladies. That’s because you will come across as a richer, more travelled and more interesting version of the average Romanian guy. There is a centuries-old history of male European immigrants going back to their home countries to find wives after they become settled in North America.

Compare and contrast that to the case of a random gringo who never even heard of Romania until someone suggested it as a good place to score some pvssy. The guy buys a plane ticket to Romania but then what? He doesn’t speak the local language, doesn’t understand local culture, has nothing in common with the local women and is not particularly interesting to be around. He will become a target for prostitutes and scammers but that’s about it.

Imagine a guy from China or Mexico who has never lived in the west and doesn’t speak any English traveling to Chicago or NYC to bang women. Do you figure he’s going to clean up?
The other thing people forgot to mention about the exotic foreigner effect, you have to be hot to really have it. I mean the Manosphere somehow convinced dudes who look like RamZpaul that they can be Chads in a foreign country. If a Logan Paul did it, it would work for him since he is a cool, alpha, and good looking dude. Problem is that the cool alpha guys will rarely go to a foreign country solely to get laid. The exotic foreign status does not work for the run of the mill guy, you actually have to be hot.


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