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my first #


Don Juan
May 30, 2002
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burnaby, bc, usa
well last night I went to a club with my buddy. About 15 minutes after I arrived I noticed some chick that I knew back in high school. I go over and say hi, and she introduces me to her friends. Turns out her friends are pretty hot. After meeting em I go and pretty much get really really buzzed, like to the point where im almost drunk. About an hour later I head over to the chick(shes on the dance floor just standing there, not dancing). This is what the conversation was like.

This was on a pretty loud dance floor
me"aren't you one of .... friends?"
me"whats your name?"
me"nice to meet you"
me"you come here every week, I think I saw you before"
"not every week, but often"
"oh whats your name?"
me"I'm ....name"
me"you wanna dance?"
"nah, I don't really dance"
(more small talk)
me"can I buy you a drink?"
"nah I've already had a few"
me"common, its just a drink"
(so agrees, and we walk to the bar)
I tell her to order anything she wants.
She orders 2 drinks, one for me. one for her
For some stupid reason I decide to flash out my 100$ bill to pay for the drinks.
At this point im pretty wasted.

more small talk goes in, I threw in a complement like
me"are you a model like (our mutual friend)"
"nah, im just a student and blah blah blah"
me"really? you could so be a model easy"

Anyways I ditch the chick for about 10 minutes and go over to my buddy to say once I get the # lets split.

I go back and find the chick, I tell her I gotta split can I get your #? she says she can't here me so we go over to where my friend is at. I Introduce my friend and do somemore group small talk. Anyways I ask one more time, I think this was the second time I asked her and she gave it too me.

I don't plan to ever call this chick, I just wanted to practice my DJ ****. I'm not sure if this was the way to go, cause If I hadn't drank so much I wouldn't have gone over and talked to her. hehe do you DJ's go upto chicks when your pretty out of it, or yu buys go when you totally sober? All in All, my friend said it was a good night cause I got a #, but I can't help feeling I forced it outa her, kinda like she gave it to me outa pitty.

what you guys think..


Master Don Juan
Mar 14, 2001
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Call her just for practice. Call her to make a date, hone your skills. Why not?

Call her next week, on a weeknight and suggest something fun that only takes an hour or two. A simple, fun, action date.

Do it!

Go into it with the attitude that this is temporary, you're doing a scientific experiment to keep your game up.

Why stop now? Don't be nervous, or afraid of success.

Drinking may seem to help you, but it's only a crutch. Go out with her to bowl a few games, and only drink sprite as an experiment to see how far you can go on your own.

If you fvck up and she doesn't want to date you, heck, just learn from it. Your life was complete before you met her, so if things go wrong, and there is a 90% chance it will ANYWAY, so what, you're not out anything.

Call her. Go out with her, if nothing else than to keep in practice for when a better one comes along!



Master Don Juan
Jun 14, 2002
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San Diego, CA
Yeah, why get a number if you're not going to call it? You said she's hot, so go for it. Make it a quick date and who knows you might get some. You did some right things and some very wrong things here though and you should learn from that also. Getting buzzed is fine because you sometimes loosen up and such, but don't get all sloppy drunk like is sounds like you were. Also, never ask to buy her a drink, I think you knew that but was looking for a way to keep her there. Third, when you did ask her to buy her a drink she said no thanks, she's had a few already. That is a good sign she's faded also and you need to be shagging her.....

But call the number if she gave it to you.


Senior Don Juan
Dec 12, 2001
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The Zone
Strong work.

Now go out and get ten more.

Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.


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Master Don Juan
Mar 24, 2001
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Moved to 'Success stories Forum'


Don Juan
Jul 22, 2001
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Not bad for a first number. Clubs and bars are prime spots for demonstrating social proof. It sounded like you were talking to a group of 3 girls once. Girls go crazy when they see you running the show with 3 or more girls at a time. Remember that girls want to be seen talking to guys. They love social proof (attention).

You’ll notice increased and prolonged eye contact from other girls around you during and after talking to other girls. Make sure you talk to them for a while; say at least 15-20 minutes so that if you need to increase your social proof, you can easily get back into a conversation with them later on. It sounded like you were doing well though.

Conversation at bars and clubs is kind of like surfing, you need to be able to catch waves of rapport and ride them until the next one comes. I personally think that social settings such as these are invaluable for keeping your game sharp. And if you’re barely starting out, it brings your game up pretty quickly but you have to “learn how to swim” pretty much on your own. You need to be ready to talk about just about anything. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll have heard it all and you’ll be the one teaching the tricks.

Your number closing could use some polishing. I usually carry a cell instead of carrying a pen or going around looking for one. That way I can get numbers anytime and anywhere with efficiency. Go ahead and give her a call, there’s a good chance you’ll learn a thing or two from her.

Make sure you start doing pick-ups at other places besides bars and clubs so that you develop an all-around game. Although bar/club pick-ups can get addicting once you’ve sharpened your abilities, it’s not exactly similar to doing pick-ups in stores, streets, and other misc. places.