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Money and game


Senior Don Juan
Sep 21, 2005
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Sofia, Bulgaria
Hey guys, I just had an interesting conversation with a friend. Some of you might want to join in. So, here's the issue:

Can a lot of money suplement game? Say that, for example, a person has a lot of money and this gives him great confidence in his ability to get whatever he wants. He is in a bar with another guy, who spends a lot for erotic dances and such, but he doesn't spend himself and still gets most of the attention.

Now, what's your opinion? Is this game, or is this just money? (these which he has the ability to spend if he wanted to) Are women attracted to people having money at all, or just to people who display confidence, the sourse of this confidence being completely irrelevent?


Senior Don Juan
Dec 16, 2005
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Good question.

There is no doubt about it, wealthy guys get to quality ass.

It is all to do with social value. Rich guys are usually perceived by females as having high social value, and women are attracted to that.

Also, being wealthy also makes it easier to be confident and not give a sh*t because you can have what you want. You will naturally project a more alpha image, hence more attraction from females.

There is also the female psychology where they are naturally attracted to a man who can take care of them and care for their young. This is more nature in general. And we all know that wealthy men can provide for their women.

Now it all depends what you want. If you want to simply lay beautiful women, it is very easy to portray a successful and wealthy image. Just walk the walk, talk the talk, and tell them as little as possible. That will get them thinking. Truely wealthy people rarely flaunt it. New money, do!

If you want to find a nice woman who isnt just out to get what she wants, then being very wealthy would kinda make that harder. You will never know if a woman is geuinly interested in you or your money. Hence, rich guys either have lots of F-buddies or stay single till quite old.

It is ALL about the social value you portray when you meet a woman, in my opinion.


Don Juan
Dec 18, 2005
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Women are attracted to money for a reason - Replication Value. In ancient times, women were attracted to STRENGTH. This was because it conveyed the ability to support the young and protect the family unit. In this day and age, money has replaced that.

Some rich people do have game, while others don't. In other words, you have to work on your personality and character. If you don't, even if she marries you, she might/will cheat on you and the marriage or relationship will become one of convenience. You become the provider, and that is it. Money, while being a valuable asset in attracting girls, should never be the primary tool you use in your quest of DJhood.