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Military service


Master Don Juan
Aug 24, 2020
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I joined and served for personal reasons. It had nothing to do with patriotism or honor or any such things.
I did it for me. I wanted a tougher more challenging life than all the different things I saw people doing. I wanted to see what my limits, if there were any, would be.
I wanted camaraderie and people who thought like me, around me. There is no camaraderie amongst the civilian world. A sense of belonging and being depended upon didn’t really exist in the world.

I don’t realize it until later on that there were people in the grunts that didn’t belong there. They didn’t have the temperament. But they were still valuable. They could be depended upon. For the most part. There were a few that had no business being there.

You do it for you. Your own reasons. I never asked or even talked about with my parents until a week before I shipped out. Only one friend new, my college room mate. He ended up joining later as well, when he graduated. (The next spring)

My father being a military career man wanted “better things” for me. He was a Vietnam vet. Nothing on the planet would have changed my mind. I wasn’t look for praise or glory or medals.

It helped me a lot. When I left I was already making more money than the average guy. I was in six figures in no time. But this doesn’t happen to all. People are different with different goals.

I learned a lot from (mad dog) Mattis and a few others. I cannot speak for other military jobs. I only know and experienced the world of military operations and offensive and defensive combat and recon and patrolling. Later it was light and heavy weapons “expert”.

This is all about frame of mind. I knew skinny guys that could hump for three days on no or very little chow and a little chubby guys that walk straight up a gut busting mountain with short rests to blow and continue. You will not see this in the civilian world much. It’s about never letting your comrades down.

If you just want boot camp...it’s the wrong reason to volunteer.


Nov 15, 2020
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I think that a guy with a "military personality" ( the confidence, poise, integrity that you often see) without actually being in the service is what we should all hope to be. There are ways to obtain those traits without having to sacrifice who you are by submitting to bureaucratic nonsense.

"Duuurrr, I'm a real man because I'm a sucker for senile old ****s with deeply-rooted mental issues and shiny badges."

Lol.. sure you are.


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