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LTR post - I beat the dragon.


Senior Don Juan
Aug 12, 2022
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This is the unfortunate reality of having to deal with women. Some dragons are worse than others. I know some that you can’t even tell and some that are a cvnt for three weeks out of the month, yikes! I’m very skeptical that you can talk a women out of her hormones but most guys like a challenge.

Best strategy is to be aware of the patterns and signs and don’t take anything that comes from her mouth seriously. Get an app and pay better attention. One I know is pretty damn synced with the moon. When I see it start to crest, it’s like a Bat signal that sh!t is coming your way. Also look for changes in complexion. More ache on her face as hormones start raging.

Creepy sh!t that happens at work is when several women synchronize with each other. How the fvck does that happen? Pheromones or something? Intersexual competition at some subconscious level? Funny is when they straight up tell you directly. I know Karen, you’ve been an exceptional b!tch since Tuesday.


Master Don Juan
Apr 28, 2018
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I take your point. And to an extent women are going to act badly when hormones are racing. It is essentially unavoidable.

However, I think a lot of women think they have a "free pass" to act however they want around that time of the month. And that simply isn't acceptable and shouldn't be tolerated. Nor would I ever give it some cutesy name like "the Dragon" which seems to encourage this behavior by acting like it is some foregone conclusion that the woman MUST act like a b1tch with 100% certainty and we men are just supposed to accept it.

I still believe in setting firm boundaries when behavior is poor and applying silence and distance when necessary- regardless of the time of the month and hormones. If we get sick, the woman is never going to accept us acting like a huge a-hole to her just because we don't feel well. That cuts both ways. In other words, I don't treat her any differently whether it is that time of the month or not - keep your frame firm.


Master Don Juan
Dec 16, 2015
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Advice from the old lady:

The menstral cycle is real. I’m so ready for mine to just freaking stop, seriously. But it creeps up because the ebb and flow of the cycle is always happening and the cycle changes gradually for the most part.

Personally I find I am more sensitive to the exact same stimuli depending on where my cycle is. And I’m less tolerant of BS that I otherwise might let ride at times. It’s annoying to me and at times to him.

Maybe in week one I’m cool with him staying up half the night gaming in the bed while I’m trying to sleep, then in week 3.5 he does that same thing & it annoys the fvck out of me, & I’m like Really? FFS can you go game in the other room so I can rest? Things like that. Gaming in the bed honestly is inconsiderate as a rule if the other person needs rest. So we are actually going to chat about some stuff like that tonight, because consistency is key in knowing what behavior is Ok and what behavior isn’t.

Some weeks I need more sleep & some weeks I can do with less. So yes I agree it’s about management, and largely management of expectations between partners.

As a woman I am pretty emotionally stable, but I have my peaks & valleys and so does my guy. There are days he’s cool & days he is an ass hole too, so it does cut both ways.

We are still figuring things out. Kindness and patience goes a long way.


Master Don Juan
Apr 9, 2021
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I can't see BE's post since she's on ignore. But let me guess - it's along the lines of "accept us as we are while you grind for our approval" isnt' it?


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Senior Don Juan
Nov 1, 2021
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I can't see BE's post since she's on ignore.
Along with another female poster.

I’ve been in multiple LTRs and have had conversations with my gf(s) at the time and this how it somewhat goes

Macadellic: your calm on your period
Gf(s) at the time: *head knod*

Macadellic: how come some girls turn into raging b/tchs?
Gf(s) at the time: it’s just an excuse

Multiple gf’s I’ve had and been in LTRs have universally across the board have said the same thing…

It’s an excuse to be a b/tch

Nothing against you because I respect you and value your input across threads. Plus, I hope to one day marry an Asian myself.