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Lost my vibe.

Giovanni SouthSide

Senior Don Juan
Aug 5, 2022
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Tijuana, Mexico
currently dealin with somewhat similar sh1t of rusting out. just hit 32 last month
Dropped a girl I was fvckin with and just been feelin a certain type of way.
last week I was at a money exchange place here by the border exchanging dollars into pesos and the girl behind the glass counter was kinda smirking and giggling with another female coworker nearby. I felt it was something related to me. was the only customer there.
I straight out asked her

"whats giving you the tickles?
she said " my friend and I like your beard"

I just smiled with a "good lookin" and drifted off.
to me that was a compliment thats falls in between every blue moon from stranger chicks.

on the other sh1tty hand there is times where not even a single eye fvck look from females

I highly recommend you work out and start dressing good if you already don't. Always sport a clean cut. Have a neutral resting face. Sometimes girls have told me that it looks like Im mad dogging the world and get intimidated.

I already incorporated back to my boxing and lifting gym. Been going for 2 weeks straight and Im already feelin strides in the cut