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lets cut through all the garbage on sosuave---human relationships are dysfunctional


Master Don Juan
Jan 18, 2020
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Men really need to think about why they want to live with a women, share a bedroom, bathroom, chores, financial responsibilites etc cos none of this is romantic or enjoyable, so there needs to be another way for men to live that is socially acceptable and enjoyable. At the moment women can and do live on their own without marriage and they have big support networks, siblings, friends, parents etc but for men outside of marriage it seems there is still no good options to live without loneliness, so this needs to change.
Another good point.

Would say the living with and sharing a man does with a woman is not for his benefit, it’s for society’s benefit. So all of society’s messages promote it, It’s not good for society and the powers that be that a man be single, unattached, and free. It threatens their power and it leaves the State to take care of the women.

So the State and society brainwash; “A man is a loser if he can’t get a girl friend, live with a woman or get married. Something if wrong with him!” Yet if does get a gf or wife, and she wants to break up because she is not happy, he owes her big time. What a good deal for the man.

Would say we are only taking about young fertile women between 18 - 33. Once the woman turns 37 or so, State and society doesn’t care too much about her anymore. If Amber Heard was 23 or Dr. Dre’s wife was 27, they would get much much more money than they did.