Lay Report: HB Sunyata


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Jan 24, 2003
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Lay Report: HB Sunyata

(Suave Dave's Outing Report 004)

Ok, I will start at the beginning of this day because I think it may help explain things in full detail and give you the proper context as to how this whole thing happened. This is another demonstration of the importance of FIND in PU and here goes:

I finished up at the library writing and set out to sarge. It was quite late in the day as I felt that I had been getting "oneitis" with PU! (Eg, a bit too much PU). So I started late. I began with Maniac's affirmations, read them out loud while pumping the latest/hottest techno CD in my ear (all textbook stuff).


I head off to the mall and there is nothing there/I'm not yet in the mood. I go over to a local bookstore and do some sarging there. There is a chick and I do an approach similar to (38) in my log (missions area). I get her talking and we leave the store. I'm walking with her hand in hand and talking.

She tells me about Mexican guys. I know this chick has been seeing guys since she has been in Canada and she talks about how Mexican guys are really good at EC (as opposed to Japanese guys she says). This is why I posted the message in general area about EC practice.

Anyway, she has dated an american, a canadian, a mexican. I guess she's dated quite a bit more. She seems relatively naive but seems determined to become americanized/learn about the aggressive nature of western women/become accustomed to western PU practices/get experience, etc.

At this point, seeing how westernized she's become despite only being here 4 months (but she had been in the states as well I had a gut feeling I should just bail. (I figure I can do at least 5-7 approaches in the time it would take to talk to this chick.) Unfortunately I didn't bail though I am getting much better at listening to my gut.

So we walk down and I take her to a quiet place and do the kiss gag on her. She tells me that "I need to practice PU a lot more)" -- so she is seeing me as immature and not good at this game. I suggest a change of venue and bring her down close to some water. I'm holding her from behind, talking about her panties (what color are they? Oh, black! I'm psychic).

I find a comfortable place to sit down and she stands up near me, in front of me; I'm sitting down and she's standing up looking right at me. She doing this EC thing that I guess she has practiced with the Mexicans. She talks/talked about how she looks intensively at a guy. It's a bit of an exotic dance that she does all the while looking right at me, really direct, really aggressive.

She sees fear in my eyes and mentions it right away. After that she says that she better go. I try to get a kiss before she leaves, but off she goes. I say to her, "You are very aggressive!" as she leaves. It turns out HBSunyata is just the opposite.


A. Meeting

After more day sarging I decide (after a bit of indecision) to avoid trying to do PU at night even though I kind of had a feeling I should check out a local club before heading back. I get to the train and spot a chick. Without looking at her I ask the time. It's a rejection and I move on. I spot another one like a minutes later and I go up.

She gives me really good EC and she is a 10 from Nagoya. She ... is a bit hard to describe.

I ask her a question, she answers and I sit down. Then a bunch of people get on the train and I'm facing her, she's standing behind the people facing me. I get up after a minute or so (a stop) and ask her again something like,

"Oh, is that the station I asked you where Waterfront is?"

"Yes, this is the station......"

Some AMOG tries to but in but I have EC with this chick. She is eyeing me up like I have never seen before-- she is amazing. We talk and I pull out some magic words that I have used lately that I highly recommend for all you japanese PUAs. These are golden and I highly do not recommend that you pass these on to others outside the mASF/ sosuave community, but here goes:

OKASHII - funny
KIMAEGAII - generous
KAKOYE - handsome

I got these from an HB9 language exchange partner that LJBF'd me and I use them frequently.

B. Transition

I found out that she has to leave Vancouver today (this happened last night). So I am not sure if all this transition stuff is necessary. From the EC that she was giving me I guess I could assume that it was in the bag from the first few seconds but I'll write this stuff anyway because it had to be done.

I take her off at the mid-way section of the train (necessary train transfer) and I suggest we take a bus. I'm using the change venue suggestion here and we sit down and talk a while. I break EC/get a bit pushed back by her, but continue.

We get on the train. I suggest that she comes to my place and she refuses. I play games with her, 4 questions, talk about this and that. because I was pushed back I kind of lost my state/horniness so even though I did the leg-trick mentioned elsewhere I didn't even get hard. This made me nervous, but I continued.

I suggest that I drive her back to her place and she agrees. One stop before she/we have to get off I manage a quick tongue down (here getting to first base before her coming to my place) and we board a bus.

We get to my home, and come up stairs to my room. She suddenly says, "No!" I ask her why and she says that she's "worried that I'll close the door." I assure her that I won't; she comes in.

C. The Lay

Now this chick did not verbally coalesce in the least. I tried to take her pants off, "Take me home." I tried to kiss her, "Take me home." I'm rubbing her tits, "Take me home." I'm kissing her *****, "Take me home." (ok, kidding here)

We finally get passed that and spend from about 11 to 4 making love.

D. Debriefing

There is nothing to say here because she simply didn't say anything, tell me anything when asked about this. She is simply the coolest chick. I find out while we're lying down that she's Buddhist. Her relative has a temple in Japan. I found out she's in the Nichiren sect though doesn't meditation.

Something about her was just so soft, subtle, and... unreachable, ungraspable. I can only describe her as though she's evaporated into emptiness/emptied herself of all thought/concern/trouble. A true Buddhist and so this is why I call her HBSunyata.

She, even to the very end did not tell me why she came over. I asked her twice : "Why did you come to my house" and she said, "Because you said you would drive me home."


There is something to be said about the FIND element of the PU. I am not rich, good-looking, smooth, suave. I don't have anything going for me except a God given motivation at this time to improve my skills at PU and some time to do experimentation. I was chatting with an HB6 Indian (east) chick this morning. I didn't end up going to her party (mentioned earlier) -- and so she called me up today to find out what was wrong.

I suggested that she "comes over" and let me give her the gift. She refuses running an internal script like, "Oh, I can't let's meet at (x)." I met this chick well over a year ago and she has not given me a damn thing-- I have tried (ok, not that much, she's a 6) but I've tried. So I push the issue a bit and she agrees to a meet up nearer to my house.

But this illustrates the FIND element. If you find a chick that is too aggressive/manly like the one mentioned above, eject because you're wasting your time unless you just want to practice your skills. Or like the HB6 Indian and JGIRLEnglish student who have internal scripts that simply need a lot of tampering with in order to change.

But there are chicks out there, like HBCandy, HBYoga, HBCool, HBSunyata.

These girls are not sluts -- HBCandy mad at her BF, HBYoga still getting over her BF, HBSunyata-- spending a last night in town and looking to have a little fun.

I did a lot of approaches yesterday and I deleted a whole mall nanpa bit out of these post because it wasn't essential, but it was not as though I just met these chicks out of pure luck. There were a lot of approaches done to find these ones.

When I drove HBSunyata home I saw a car driving into her driveway as I gave her a kiss goodbye. It was her host father. He didn't look *that* worried, but I sense that he was out looking for her. HBSunyata mentioned to me numerous times, "I'm worried about my host family,[i will come home too late]" but she said/tonality was not that hurried/worried so I left it. She *could* have called but didn't (seemingly) simply because I didn't ask her. I had to lead this chick all the way to do everything-- I had total control from the start to the finish. She was *completely* passive, again, almost as though she had disappeared. Her voice was always unhurried, unrushed. She gives new meaning to the word, "calm" and, like the chick above who learns EC from Mexicans, I would love to learn this kind of attitude from these chicks.


Ok, this is my last FR for a while and I probably won't post these LR/**** up reports for personal reasons unless I genuinely think I can help the NG or I need the help (and therefore can help the NG!) I'm going to work on the advice my father always gave: "Let them come to you..." a methodology TylerDurden seems to recommend implicitly. But I would appreciate helpful comments/questions and see if I can help you find similar girls and have a great time.


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Mar 9, 2002
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Thanks for posting, good to see another Maniac fan on here as well.

If I get to Japan sometime, I'll look this thread up.


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Jan 15, 2002
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Can we get these FR/LR from suavedave to the archive? They have some great seduction/JGirl pickup info in.