KINO compilation (another one)

Sep 10, 2002
I found Ultimate Kino Guilde very usefull, and lately I was searching even more info on it, and found pretty good stuff. I wasn`t sure to post it or not, since I don`t remember who all the quotes come from, but - what the...... it`s good, and It`s from masters, that`s all you need to know. Thank you all for wrighting THAT:

Kino is something that effects the subconsius. She should never think 'WOW, he's touching me.' rather she should be thinking 'WOW, he's interesting.' She should be to engrosed in the topic at hand. But from your touch, she will open bodylanguage, and then inniciate a lil with you [hopefully]. the more engrosed she is into the topic, the more blatent your kino may be. Just make sure you include it when she is engrosed in what is going on [enviorment/your convo], and not thinking about what YOUR doing.
It won't be reall effective on a girl unless there's fricion, like a slight rubbing. I've heard a girl explain that when a guy they like brushes up against them or rubs their shoulder, the warm feeling just rushes over their body. I can't imagine the same thing happening with still touching.
Ultimately, kino is any form of touch. Particularly, it's touch designed to progressively break down a woman's spacial boundaries and sets the standards of touch and further more intimate touching.

The examples given by mystik and Lorenzo are good, I have a few more:
I believe it was DarkDream who had the notion of "Pre-Kino", of standing closer than normal to a woman, without touching, purposefully invading her space. This does seem to work.
When she hands you something small, rather than just grabbing the object, you extend your hand a little farther and slide your fingers over about half her hand and over her fingers. It's very imperceptible, but establishes connection.
When in close quarters, as in such a workplace or going through a kitchen, you places your hands on her back to "help" you pass by her.
When in a social environment, you slide in a hand onto her lower back when she talks to you.
As you can see, if you were to implement the otherwise independent techniques in a certain order, you would get escalating momentum.
For me, if I don't apply the kino right away, I am almost guaranteed to land in friend zone hell. I must give off some kind of "best friend in the whole world" vibe.

I like to apply it right away and if they are accepting of it, back off and see if they kino back or try and position themselves to get you to kino more.
You should start off with very subtle touching and then guage her interest via her body language. If she reacts in kind or appears to get closer to you, then you elevate the level of kino. If she initiates the touching, then as far as I am concerned, the flood gates are open and I go for broke.
I agree that you have to emit a sexual vibe early on in order to avoid the LJBF.
While you can tell a woman's interest by if she touches you in absence of your touch, I find it better to use kino.

If you kino a girl who doesn't want you, she will repel away. If you kino a girl who wants you, she will kino you back. There is a valid point that kino'ing inhibits a woman's desire for touch, but that is why you keep it light and sprinkled over time.

With what can happen as result of kino, kino is the closest thing to magic. Sexual vibe is crucial, and kino is for newbies a good way to compensate for lacking sexual vibe. Even though a number of things get reversed in advanced DJ'ing, like the 'rules', I'm more a believer in kino than ever I was when I began.
Most important thing: read her Body Language after each application. If she does not withdraw or recoil (which she shouldn't), only then can you increase Kino. When she begins to return Kino you can really step it up.
Physical touching has a biochemical effect on a person. Give her a little and make it seem very casual.
When you are in the crowded club, as you move past the dozens of hot women, as you pass, simply say "Excuse Me" and put your hand on their shoulder and guide them out of your way. This should get you used to touching.
Practice talking with your hands. Get in the habit of not leaving your hands and arms limp at your side as you speak, everyone does that and it sucks. This way it's easier to make touching come more naturally in a conversation.

Also, DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR HAND WHEN KINOING! That is a sign of uncertainty and hesitation. keep eye contact.
Pinch her on her arms , or legs and if she says ouch, rub it better, while saying poor baby, but dont say sorry.
Once the girl knows you, the best thing you can do to pique her interest is to playfully make fun of her the whole time, strike her gently with small objects such as a hat or pen, and beyond that more advanced kino.
Hell yeah, It also works for me, get them into a playful like mood, bully them a lil,pinch em, scratch, bodyslam them ,then your getting in great kino and probably the best kino. This really gets results people.
*note* dont try these with super serious chicks.
When starting kino, make it very subtle, almost imperceptible. Light brushes against the hand or arm are perfect. You can do these light touches while walking, or in conversation to emphasize a point.
Kino is a GREAT way to test their interest. Girls that don't like you, or find you neutral, will not like you touching them.

Usually when I kino a girl, it is very subtle. Everyone else in the universe thinks it is innocent. However, if a girl believes that you are being friendly versus liking her, she will choose to think that you like her. Thus, any kino is interpreted as LIKING HER.

She usually then RAINS kino back on poor Pook. She'll rub your arm. Rub her body against you. Anything.
I touched another girl on the arm, and noticed a strong reaction from her.
Last night was my first time confidently initiating kino. And I can tell you for a fact, it's magic! You need to use kino. It's a lot more powerful than I ever realized.
The teacher had her legs crossed(she had a skirt and stockings on). When the natural DJ began talking to her, to get her attention, he placed his hand on her knee. This was a smooth ass move, that i never would have tryed on a teacher(untill today). He slowly pulled it away when she turned around to talk to him, and no she did not mind that he did that.
NO kidding ehhh..
Such simple things work....
And guys rarely to never touch women...yet when a woman realllllly likes you she instinctually cant stop herself from touching.Its a programed biological mechanism I thing.Just like the hair toss...
So when we do kino to them they understand right away at the deepest level...(if they are not frigid that is!)

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Master Don Juan
Dec 8, 2002
Nice compilation.

Dario, kino works ridiculously well in HS.
If you use that kino with confidence, it more than compensates for any foul-ups in conversation.
Once you start touching, it brings their interest to a whole new level. Kino is absolutely essential in HS. I use it like it's the only thing available. (Even though kino and neg-hits at the same time are amazing, too)

Nicholas Hill

Master Don Juan
Nov 17, 2001
Swansea, Wales, UK
Welcome to the Bible, Cyledehysp

Kino also works rediculously well with students in college (or as we say: University)

Speaking of which, I am in Uni again now for another 10 weeks. Time to shine :D
Sep 10, 2002
Originally posted by Dario
Hmm... Pretty good job Cyledehysp, I forgot about KINO lately. You made a quite good job compiling everything what's important.

Just a question for the HS guys, do you think KINO is also working very good in HS?
He onle said that cause we are both Polish ;)

If I just could be back in HS for one day now... !

About this compilation - there are still new questions about kino on the forum, so it may help newbies or anyone who wants to refresh/improve his knowledge about kino.

Well, it helped me :) - I`v got a better idea now "whats up". Kino MAY work like magic for you... but also may not. There are 2 things I find important:

technique and context

Techniqe is all that timing (how long you touch), speed (how fast your hand move), starting very light and increasing ect. while context is how you feel about it. You can have nice timing, but being nervous at the same time will fvck it up for you. On the other hand - be confident, KNOW she`ll love it, and know technique - THE magic will appear.

Last thing, from my personal experience, it can help if you`r new to kino. It was in a club, with medium loud music, we were sitting next to each other. Every time there was a break with conversation, or new topic, whatever, I was at the same time leaning a bit to her and touching her forearm, or upper back to get closer/ help her hear me.

And I was getting smiles and kino from her even earlier (placing hands on my legs and hands, and it look like she wasn`t aware of it. It was going on good, she wanted to dance, but I`v done 2 big mistakes:

1 - i was too confident for the first time in my life, and I made the kino too sexual too fast (like 15 minutes from the begining)...

2 - ... on the dance floor!

Damn, I should have taken it a bit slower and isolated her, but thats another story. Anyway, kino is not only powerfull, but also reeealy cool thing to do :D

So I mean it, enyoy!

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