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J0n's Field Report Log


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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The Prize- I had no intention of actually having sex at the water park so all I took was my shorts and the food my parents wanted me to carry....she brought out a for lack of a better word a girls condom. It was very strange but whatever.

I havent really been doing anything in the girls department but have seen admiration fromt he opposite sex to say the least. When I go workout I see the cashier girl checking me out but she is with I think one of the workers brothers that works at the gym and I think she just doesnt want to lose her job so I could understand her reluctance.

Another girl where I work out very very VERY skinny chick always checks me out and works out near me when I workout...although I go pretty heavy so I set massive amounts and am winded so I am not very focused on her although she does have a nice butt.

MMA- holy **** this crap sucks. I thought it was going to be cool and fun but crap it is very annoying! It's not that I'm getting my ass handed to me or anything and since I workout I am stronger then most there and from what they say im a natural although I need to gain more technical skill. It's the damn rug burns!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANyone going into MMA first and foremost BUY knee and elbow pads! I say buy them right when you get gloves/ mouth guard. I havent gotten hurt at all yet but the damn rug burns are fvcking me up! Have a big gash on my left elbow and rug burns on my left knee because I put all my weight on them apparently when we sprawl.

My first actual fight is a long way's away maybe Feb but for now I'm just learning still.

My company is going slower then I would like but it's still very new and still trying to get clientele.

The only thing I have about girls is this little tidbit.

After working out then going to mma practice (DONT go to the gym then mma practice you will be wiped out) friends were going to movie but fell through so we went to a buffalo wing place. See an asian chick but she's far away and I was too preoccupied with my damn knee so I didnt do anything. We are leaving finally and some decent chick in tight black shirt/shorts is outside waiting for...nothing.

I wink at her and she blushes, her friend starts smiling and they start giggling with each other .....I'm leaving and I turn around and they are leaving.????? I wonder what the hell they were doing just hanging outside haha.

Other then that I havent done ****...although there are still some hot chicks at the mma practice...well they go because they have cheerleader practice.....jailbait smex in the future??? Stay tuned. ohh and in TX age of consent is 17.

hope you guys have better luck then I do.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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I'm back.

I got this little tidbit that happened THursday.

I go to my mma class and it's pretty small but I heard that the smaller the class the better in the long run so I dont mind.

I see 2 people I know as well as the teacher but see 3 new people (1 older guy, a kid and a young girl)

We get started working and maybe an hour later we begin sprawling. I do pretty well ...got my head stuck in some places but was able to get out which sucked.

Now its the girl and kid's turn.....she slams him on the ground which was awesome. He gets her in a good arm bar but she somehow gets out of it like a magician...it was the most craziest thing I've ever seen. Time runs out and they sit back down.

For some reason it's my turn again.....I get tapped and get my forearm sore for 2 days, feels better now.

I sit down and everyone is talking and having fun since it's almost time to leave when I lay down next to the girl and tell her that was an awesome slam and arm bar escape. She says thanks and we begin talking.

Find out she barely turned 18 and knows a few things in mma.
ME: So how much do you really know because I barely started
HER: Not alot I think we know the same amount
ME: So your not a master? haha
HER: giggles...no
ME: Hey show me how you got out of that arm bar so I can get out of it if I get stuck ok
HER: sure

So I didnt really expect it to be weird but when I was taking her down it felt weird because I didnt want it to be feel sexual right off the bat and it might be weird if I grab her boobs off the bat. So she shows me it but I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing so I get frustrated. She is giving me an arm bar so I can try to get out but I'm too frustrated so I pick her up and playfully slam her on the mat and lay down next to her.

It wasnt a hard slam and I basically put her down slowely but it was my way of playfully saying im done.
HER: You almost had it ...she was giggling the entire time we were walking back to the pad and still giggling while she layed next to me.
ME: Hopefully I dont want someone to break me arm!
HER: Noone will break your arm

The teacher and everyone is talking about ric flair??? and trying to figure out if wrestling moves really hurt.

ME: So what you going to do this weekend?
HER: I dont know nothing probably
ME: That sounds boooooooring!
HER: Tell me about it
ME: When we are about to leave give me your number and I will make your weekend better since you will get to talk to me...haha
HER: haha ok

By this time she is laying her head on my stomach and we keep talking till its time to leave...she gives me her number and I wlak to my car. I had no idea how hot it was in that gym until I walked out and get blasted with somewhat cold air outside.

I've been talking to her off and on all weekend seems she doesnt have a bf and the way she talks she seems like she is a virgin...but I cant really tell.

I told her that she has to show me her panties the next time we go because when I was sparring (No gi) when I was in another guys guard my shorts slipped off and she got a look at my boxers haha.... she agreed saying she has better taste.

Other then that just working out.

good luck hoope you guys have better luck then I do.


Master Don Juan
Dec 10, 2008
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good job man. keep up the good work. i sent u a pm btw.


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Master Don Juan
Dec 10, 2008
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yo jon, do you even look for relationships anymore or consider them when u come across a girl you actually like?

Or is it just the case that you haven't come across any that you've liked enough yet?


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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Sorry for the long wait just doing some stuff in school.

AAA- I actually havent come across anyone that I actually really care about yet, yeah I think they are attractive but noone has caught my attention to actually wanting to be with them longer then a day or two.

I've been going to the gym blah blah blah and the cashier girl really stepped up but I dont know if it will bite me in the azz yet.

Cashier girl with the kids always watches me when I go to the gym and since she is the one that got away per-se I watch her as well but decided to forget her since what she did last time.

Fast Forward to Monday (My gym schedule is M-W-F)
I get there and she's already out there today with a friend..(Mediocre, A cup, Ok butt, BIG jawline, short) I think nothing of it and begin my warm up.
Work out begins
Entire time they stare...I'm beginning to get irritated.
Hour - Hour and a Half pass
I take a shower and get ready to go and leave.

Now from where the lockers are all you have to do is turn right and just walk straight...there is a door all the way in the back that you can just exit out of....only thing is HER (Cashier/Targer) has her office right at the corner of the door.

I start walking out and see both of them at the door at first I thought they forgot the keys to the door until I go tto them.

Cashier: Hey jon!
ME: Hey
Cashier:Did you have a good workout?
ME: Yeah, what about you..I noticed your stealing my routine
Cashier: Nuhuh you liar I have a better routine!
ME: Ya right girly...whos your friend she doesnt seem to like me she hasnt said anything.
Cashier: This is tiffany
Tif: Hi
ME: hello...is Cashier putting you through your paces?
Tif: yeah I'm soo tired
Cashier:We are going to be stronger then you.

2 guys from the front walk by us (The guys you see in the gym that give you the memberships or whatever) but Cashier doesnt seem to care just due to her being higher in power (She I think is with the boss's son of the whole company but he is at a different town)

I decide to just get it over with since I am damn hungry.
ME: I noticed you guys staring at me alot....you guys like me?
Cashier: Come inside

We go into her office which is alot bigger then I ever expected and sit down.

I have no idea whats going on just because I am usually oblivious haha but cashier basically blurted out the whole thing with her next little speech.

Cashier: Ok tif nobody speaks of what happens here ok
Tif: .....(REAL and I mean DAMN NEAR whisper) ok
ME:.....whats going to happen your not going to kill me are you???

Cashier basically bum rushes me and slams into me on the chair while tif watches..

First ever 3some and I have no idea what the hell to do just because im use to 1 girl....I think I put to much time on cashier and mid way through I tried to switch it up but it was getting very late (45 minutes) and all I could do was just pound the crap out of tif as fast as I could just to pop...I also made cashier squirt but I've never seen another girl like drink it before besides in pron...it was a very interesting image to say the least.

Cashier leaves first and tells us its ok...but before we leave cashier and tif give me two sloppy kisses.

This was a few weeks ago and now I cant tell if everyone knows...a few people stare that work there but other then that it's going good ....for now.

I get free products (Drinks,bars) from cashier and tif follows me around the gym which is actually getting annoying since I cant do shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

I actually havent been able to do them again together or separately and seems like cashier is trying to be the dominate one with initiating the whole sex thing.

Other then that school has been going good although very very boring.

I went to a party and wasnt really into it....some drunk girl was alllll over me. Like she was trying to smother me with her lips every time she would try to kiss me she would miss and smother me with her cheeks. Then some guys started fighting cause one dude saw his girl at the party making out with some other guy...they got into fight the making out guy says she has been around with the whole class.......they fight some more....the girl cries....guy breaks up with her, making out guy leaves her....shes there and is now basically labeled a slvt on campus.....no joke even the nerdy outcast type of guys are flirting with her now.

yesterday I actually saw my new target....very nice legs, nice chest, overall nice body....butter face though. Should say butter forehead cause she has such a massive forehead but it's not like I am going to be with her longer then a week anyways.

MMA has been going good but some douche is ruining it....he acts like hes already in the UFC and is a little too rough on everyone. Gave a guy a busted up elbow....not to mention him being fat and out of everyones weight class so when he's on top of you...HES ON TOP OF YOU.

The cheerleaders there make up for it though...they like watching.

Well gotta go eat...taking tif out tonight after my workout haha.

Oh and you guys have got to see Despicable ME..that show is AWESOME!

Hope you guys have better luck then I do and pray I dont get **** at my gym haha.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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back for an update ....

I have some time before class and just hanging in one of the computer labs.

Starting from my last post since I took tiff out.

Well I was suppose to take her out after my workout but I actually pulled my muscle (Thigh) and it hurt to walk without a limp so I canceled and thankfully the UFC fight was the following day so I told her we would go to that.


I pick her up around 8 and she is dressing very provocatively for just going to see a fight (Very short skirt...it doesnt even reach her knees, very tight v neck tank top type thing and her hair up haha) She gets in my car and looks flustered so I ask.

ME: Whats up you look mad
HER: Oh its nothing just some stupid stuff
ME: I see well I should warn you now if you dont like stupid stuff you might not want to go out with me tonight...
HER: Why not?
ME: Cause im kinda stupid and dumb hahaha
HER: haha dont worry I like your kind of stupid
ME:...I dont know if I should take that as a compliment or not haha.

We talk all the way to the place we are going to see it , she is trying to be a nurse (Why I have no clue since she is kinda slow) but is trying to get a job at the gym so she can have some money.

We finally get to the place and almost every guy is eying her up no joke that we go past...funny since I'm eying up their dates (One chick was very hot) haha.

Right when we sit down her phone rings...I dont care since she means nothing to me and she goes to the restroom. Fights underway by the time she comes back.

ME: Jeez where were you I thought you left me and were sitting with some other guy!
HER: No just the stupid stuff from before.
ME: Whats going on?
HER: Nothing just forget it.
ME: ok
I become oblivious to whatever is troubling her.
2 minutes later
HER: SOme guy was trying to hit on me when I was coming back
ME: Reaaaaaly
HER: yeah
ME: Was he cuter then me?
HER: maybe
ME: shut up you liar!
I go in for a kiss and she reciprocates and giggles saying I was getting jealous.
ME: So did you give him your number?
HER: nooooo
ME: Good girl.

We watch the fights and she has her head on my shoulder while she texts someone..I think it was some other guy till the following day but I'll get to that soon.

No joke she goes to the restroom AGAIN and isnt there for the co main even nor the walk out for the main so I am totally spaced out and getting ready for the fight.

Fight starts and I'm freaking out cause it was a good fight....I get up and start cheering and celebrating with the table aside from me. I have no idea who these guys are but we high fiving and **** when Tiff FINALLY comes back. I hug her and pick her up and she starts laughing saying whats going on.
ME: We won!
HER: we did?
ME: Well not you but he did yay hahaha.

She is giggling while everyone begins leaving and we walk to the car back to my place.

We get to my place and I'm still freaking out haha and go into my room while she is in the kitchen area.
Phone ring ring ring (hers)

She comes into the bedroom while I'm changing shirts...ring ring ring.

She turns it off and throws it on the bed with a loud sigh
ME: Who is it?
HER: noone
ME: Has to be someone that really likes you...you sure you dont have a boyfriend?
HER: no just someone I dont want to talk to right now.
ME: why not?
HER: Cause im with you
ME: good girl

blah blah blah we have sex and her hair is still up in the morning..I have no idea how but I noticed and did a double take haha.

She wakes up and I make her get this CHOCOLATE PANCAKES! Yeah I'm learning new recipes haha...next up is Reeses or reeces peanut butter cups.

She FINALLY tells me who it was.
HER: Cashier was calling me all night
ME: Huh?
HER: She was calling me asking me what we were doing
ME: WHy?
HER: She and I are togethor..
ME: Wait I thought she had a husband or whatever
HER: she does but she says he doesnt love her anymore so me and her are togethor.
ME: Weird so she was mad you were with me?
HER: yes ..she didnt want me to do anything with you.
ME: uhoh your in troubleees
HER: Shut up.

basically from what I tried to figure out is that Cashier has a guy and has 2 kids....they dont love each other anymore I think and now cashier has tiff as like her girlfriend per se. IF one has sex she has to get permission from the other girl but since cashier is the dominante one tiff never has sex with anyone beside cashier. So now cashier is mad and taking it out on tiff haha. I think thats how it goes.

Monday comes around and Cashier is bossing around tiff and tiff looks all sad...Cashier sees me pass by and gives me a glare. Scary.

I'll update what happened on halloween when I get back from class...10 minutes before class starts so I'll be back guys.

Hope you have better luck then I do.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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real- haha yeah it is kind of a weird relationship but who ever said women are logical when it comes to relationships?

I go all the way to Friday 2 days before Halloween without talking to tiff and cashier but they are burning holes every time I workout the entire time.

Friday comes and I'm working out and they are there working out and again cashier is burning my back with her laser eyes.
2hrs later once I'm done with my workout.

I see them arguing in front of cashiers office and decide to go talk to them to try to calm things down.

They were arguing about where to go eat....really?!

ME: Hey whats up guys
Tiff: hi
Cashier: What do you want
ME: Why are you mad at tiff and myself?
Cashier: You know why! I told her not to do it and you guys still did it!
ME: You were right tiff haha
tiff: ....
Cashier: Whats so funny!

THis chick was soooo mad! haha
ME: Tiff told me you look really cute when your mad
This threw cashier for a loop
ME: uhoh someone is quiet...I think we got her tiff

I elbow tiff and she smiles
Cashier: So wait you two didnt do anything?
ME: Nope I slept on my couch and your little princess slept in MYYYYY bed with all the blankets! I have no idea how that happened but it did.
Cashier: is that true tiffany?
Tiff: yes

Friday almost noone is there (almost no customers and just 1 person to be in the front to sign people in so they didnt really need to hide)

Cashier: im soo sorry babe (That is weird)
Tiff: its ok im sorry too

They kiss which for some reason got me jealous haha. Everything is all perfect now and cashier is happy.
Cashier: What you doing for halloween?
ME: I dont know yet why?
Cashier: me and tiff are going to go trick or treating but afterwords we are both free if you want to come over.
ME: Very forward...I will see I might be trick or treating all night haha.
Cashier: Shut up just call if you decide to or not
ME: ok bye
Cashier/tiff: bye

I go to a sports bar and grill because an old old old friend i'm talking elementary friend invites me (I saw him passing by at the mall) and decide to go. Its a costume party.

I go as a pokemon trainer haha. blue jeans red vest and a blue baseball cap...I was holding a pokeball I bought.

My friend works as a bartender and went up to go talk to him.
ME: Hey whats up man...very packed in here tonight.
HIM: heck yeah you need anything just tell me ok bro
ME: thanks man can I just get a bottle of water

He gives it to me and goes on to serve this chick that is dressed up as a cat...weird.

I walk around and see some cute girls...one girl young is wearing a incredibles costume (Violet to be exact) I HAD to open this chick!
ME: Holy cow that is by far the coolest looking costume I've ever seen!
HER: oh hey thanks not lot of people know my costume!
ME: Really? I love that movie...your violet right?
HER: yes! you got it
ME: Allright!
I go in for a hug and she is ok with it ...shes smiling so its going good
ME: Personally I think the mom is hotter but violet is cute....you might be cuter though.
HER: aww thanks what are you?
ME: I am a pokemon trainer and I'm trying to catch all the pokemons...but I might make an exception because your too cute.
She has the biggest smile I've ever seen on a girl and I know I will be able to take her home.

I isolate her to a quieter place and begin talking to her more. She goes to school close to me and what do you know trying to be a nurse...this is getting annoying.

We have been talking for quite some time when they announce they are having a costume contest and joanie is in the contest.

She gets second and runs up to me and gives me a hug...
ME: Congrats I thought you should have won but I am biased for your costume
HER: Thanks

Her friends come out of nowhere
Friend1: hey you did good!
Friend2: good job
Joanie: Aww you guys are finally here , thanks! Oh this is jon
ME: hello ladies
Joanie: I'm going to hang with them for awhile ok
ME: ok whatever...but look for me in 15 minutes ok
Joanie: ok

I go up to my friend again
Friend: hey I saw you with that girl shes cute
ME: Yeah do you know anything about her?
Friend: she comes in here from time to time with her friends...ive never seen a guy
ME: Hmm allright thanks

15-20 minutes go by and I'm tired so I'm going to leave when I bump into joanie.

ME: oh hey
Joanie: where you going
ME: I'm tired and bored so I'm leaving
Joanie: awww
ME: Come with me
Joanie: what
ME: Come with me
Joanie: But I cant leave my friends
ME: yes you can come on
I hold out my hand and we start to leave when I get cvockblocked by her friends so gayyyy
Friend1: Where you going!
Friend2: stay!
Joanie; I'm sorry but I have to stay with them..whats your number and I'll call you ok

I doubt she will but whatever

I decide to go to cashiers place and tiff is there already (Cashier was a pirate girl and tiff was a fairy)

We go to tiffs place and just go at it so nothing to really to report although tiffs place smelled like vanilla so I got really hungry haha.

Today Monday
Cashier and tiff were there working out with me which was annoying but I saw some other girls checking me out. awesome.

I go to get a seat to sit down and do my workout but some girl was next to it...kinda cute and I had to tap her to see if she was using it. She gave me this "What do you want," Look ....I mean I wasnt even checking her out yet she thought I was going to start talking to her. Some chicks are dumb and thinks every guy wants them its kinda pathetic.

Otherthen that I didnt do anything

Hope you guys have better luck then I do.laters.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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School is going super slow...noone is there since everyone is dropping out..so sad. NO hot chicks in my classes anyways so doesnt really matter.

Cashier and tiff are working out but they do their own thing now...I mean they still come up to me but they still stare and stuff when they alternate. Watching them squat is always nice even though they have horrible form haha.

Other chicks stare but I cant do anything without maybe starting something which I dont want to mess up since I am getting free stuff.

Also Cashier and tiff found out that I am going to have a fight soon (Feb to be exact) because they are co promoters to the regional fights and get to see all the promo posters. They are having one I think it is Las Vegas vs city fighters....a ufc fighter is coming down.

They saw my pic in the feburary poster (stand in till we do weigh ins) and they came up to me running when I was about to leave.

Cashier: You didnt tell us you fight!
Tiff:Yeah can we come?
ME: Its not for a long time and I didnt really think anyone would find out haha
Cashier: We are co promoters so we saw your pic
Tiff: you look cute in your pic
ME: hahahah that doesnt sound good
Cashier: well we will be there to watch you ok

blah blah blah now they are making a big deal about it wanting to push me harder in the gym and that I should do these exercises its pretty cute to be honest.

I know bible belt has fought before and I dont really seem to care since I have a lot of time but will probably get in gear mid January. Right now just trying to get my ground game better.

heard from the grape vine that the guy im suppose to fight walks around at 170 but that he supposedly took gear and is now 208. Lots of weight but we are both 0-0 so its basically going to come down to boxing and ground game technique.

Today thought I felt bored and had to buy some protein so I was out and about.

Get to the pharmacy place and some old women (Cougar to be exact) was there looking at the vitamins very very VERY low cut shirt...nice titts for an old chick...I immediately thought I wanted to squeeze them so I decided to open immediately.

ME: Excuse me can you help me outs
She: umm I guess

We talk and decide to just close
ME: What are you doing this weekend I want to take you out
HER: Im doing something
ME: Well your not going to be out all night so whats your number
She gave it to me
I'll probably call her saturday to see if I can get her home.....she gave it to me extremelly fast without any kind of resistance I dont know if its fake or she is a hardcore cougar which is fine with me. I am hoping its the latter since he shirt was so low but will find out saturday.

Other then that just working out and seeing very good results...changed my routine from strength to hypertrophy and am getting bigger very fast. yay haha.

Thats it will update sunday morning if I have any luck.

hope you have better luck then I do.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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Going well and just getting ready for Thanksgiving ....NOONE is at school anymore lazy btards haha. The only thing around my campus now are squirrels hahahahaha.

I called that cougar's number but her friend answered and all I could hear in the background was crying crying crying and more crying from some little kid...so I decided not to pursue.

I am at the gym and I see this girl staring at me like trying to read my brain staring..I got scared. I THINK she is married but I cant see a ring but thats probably because she wears gloves....although every now and then I see her trying to workout next to me but shes always with a different guy so I cant really gauge her....

I am doing well in the gym pushing myself pretty hard that sometimes I pop blood vessels in my eyes haha.....something happened with cashier and tiff but I dont know what because I never asked.

I get out of the gym and call my cuz to see what he's up too....nothing but everyone is going over so I go over.

Other friend gets there and right when he gets in my cuzs room he asks what the hellll is that smell (ME)

ME: haha its probably me I havent showered yet
HIM: yeah its you
CUZ: Yeah I smelled you when you came in
ME: I'm going to take a shower right now
HIM: yeah go do that now

We decide to go to see that harry potter movie...ehh it was ok. We had to wait in line and I saw this cute girl sitting on the ground staring at me a couple of times so I must be doing good in the gym yay.

We get out and we are walking outside and to my eyes it was a young guy and an older chic...this is where I got in twoubles.

ME: I wish I could get cougars to hang all over me...

Now if you would hang out with me I act like an idiot all the time and I usually say stuff a little TOO loud.

Older1 looks back
Young GIRL: looks back too

Aparrently they were lesbians or bi or some shiit and I got in troubles outside haha
Older1: what did you say
ME: I said I wish I had cougars fawning all over me
girl2: what biitch
Aparrently the young one was a hoodrat I dont know
ME: Call off your puppy please ;(
Older1: Why are you acting like an assshole
ME: Cause I think your cute and you could do better then hiiimer

This entire convo just changed in an instant.
Older 1 seemed into me but didnt want to hurt the kids feelings...the little one said lets go and began dragging her away while the older 1 just kept looking back the entire way.

It was funny cause we went to the last showing so there were no cars and she was staring for 5 minutes while my group just stood at the entrance trying to figure out where to eat at 1am.


I didnt do anything till around 9pm when cashier called asking to come over so I obliged thought she was going to bring tiff but she did not and came in jeans so then I thought she wanted to go out but she didnt and aparrently didnt want to do shiit.

HER: hey thanks for letting me come over
ME: No problem whats up
HER: NOthing just have a headache
ME: Whats going on

I began making a protein shake while she was just wandering around.
HER: Nothing just stupid craap
ME: Likkeeeee
HER: Well tiff is being dumb wanting to be more and wants to make our relationship out in the open so everyone can know and I dont know if thats the best idea.

I am paraphrasing cause if I typed what she actually said I would have like a billion squiggly red lines hahah.

Basically got in a big argument and now they are not talking saying that they needed a break...guess it works both ways.

Fast forward to me trying to take her jeans off when she gets some LMR going...saying she feels used and needs time. I was able to get by her LMR by saying she was all mine from now on. easy peazy.

I was reading something on here about how to make sexx better and I used one of the techniques by talking to her and saying that certain parts of her were all mine from now on....she really responded well.

I was going at it pretty hard like usual and said that her vag was mine and only mine from now on and she went wild.....she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed her vag and thighs and I no joke almost made her stop and let go cause it was super tight haha...guess those squats are helping her.

She is asleep in my bed right now and and I just didnt feel like sleeping so came out here.

Thinking about putting up another pic of me so I can get some opinions on what to do like I did in the past. I'll try to get one tomorrow after the gym...

later hope you guys have better luck then I do.


Don Juan
Oct 18, 2010
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J0n, I just read your entire thread top to bottom, and dude, you are awesome. Just reading your posts is like an adrenalin burst of confidence.

I've been using stupid excuses in my head to avoid gaming, but Reading this is mental tranquility. Don't make things hard, and have fun.

Thanks for posting these FRs. Awesome work dude.


Senior Don Juan
Nov 2, 2006
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jon do you recommend taking girls on dates or immediately inviting them to your place and trying to fvck them ASAP


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Sep 18, 2009
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Damn long time no sees.
Holy- if im already out and about having fun say the movies/food and I see someone I like I will go over and invite THEM to hang out with ME, or call a girl I like to come out although I wont go and pick them up, because I dont feel like having to drive over just to come back to the place I already was haha.
But this is because I dont care about getting laid I just do it for fun now if I get sex then cool if not whatever I just act dumb and have fun.

School is going slow its getting very boring so I am thinking about going into some culinary arts classes to check that out and learn how to cook and present the food better althought that will be in May sometime.

Girls are coming and going although more going then coming. I havent really gone out and picked up girls lately due to just getting ready for the fight I had on last Friday which I will talk about later.

Cashier/Tiff said that they didnt want to sleep with me anymore for some reason...found out they were getting jealous that I spent time with one and not the other and vice versa. Still seem them at the gym.

At the gym I have older girls checking me out but they all have husbands and the like so I decided that if they want me they can make the first move.

The first mma fight I had was last Friday and it was alot more fun then I expected. I was underweight by 1lb which freaked me out and was alot bigger then the other dude. I walk around 205 normally due to my diet/workout routine and dont really want to cut that much.

I came out to this song cause the beginning is usually all you hear in a MMA intro
I was going to get pumped going out to the ring with it but once they part the curtains or whatever they are called forgot haha you go deaf. I dont know if it happened to Bible Belt but once I walked out and started walking to the cage I went deaf and couldnt hear anything at alll...all I heard was a ringing in my ears and everything was muffled.

Once I got into the ring I settled down found out I had a pretty good gas tank and never really felt tired. When you see kicks on fights you think they hurt but you have no idea how much they do until you actually get hit. The first time I got hit by a kick my legs buckled and fell to my knee and the guy rushed me.

Luckly the guy had horrible ground game although mine was just a little bit better then his. I was able to reverse and put him in the only submission I knew...the kimora or however you spell it. Basically I just twisted his forearm the opposite way and he tapped. Round went fast haha.

Afterwards since it was in a club type thing I was hanging out and people were paying for drinks for me even though I dont drink so they bought me burgers and stuff haha.

The following day I had a big bruise and tiff/cashier came over to help me out keep me comfy after that day they said they couldnt do it anymore and now dont come over anymore....it was nice.

I dont like what they called me though...cashier was a co promoter for the fight just due to the gym paying for some promotion and cashier gave them my nickname as "baby face." Needless to say I got lots of jabs and trash talk AFTER the fight being called baby face haha.

Tonight I will be going out after my workout and will try to score some girls just due to finally have some free time and not working out so much.

later guys and hope you guys have better luck then I do.


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Sep 18, 2009
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I take a long time to update dont I haha.

Last Monday I heard there was going to be a little tournament at school for starcraft 2. Usually I just go to school to go to class and go home but decided to go check it out...I've played before but I wouldnt say I'm diamond league haha.

A pretty big gathering of people and girls which I thought was odd...needless to say I got whiped pretty badly but it was a fun little thing before I went to class.

Before I left I had a guy come up to me trying to make me join this little group...from what I figured it was like a flash mob party type thing. The guy said that an I quote "Lots of chicks looking to hook up." I decided to check it out.

Friday comes by and the mob party thing starts at 7pm and goes till 10pm...it was on campus and the group is advertised for "Youth," So you have to be below junior level I think.

In the beginning its pretty crazy everyone runs into this big room I have not been to even though I've been at the campus for a while. Everyone is going crazy cheering/yelling with strobe lights going off and everything....pretty loud for no music.

We get a little introduction saying welcome blah blah blah and then a band starts...found out they let local bands play pretty nice I thought.

The guy that made me join finds me and introduces me around to some people. Everything is going pretty well until the main people say to get in groups.

I am in a group with 3 girls and a pretty shy guy. We are doing little group activites to learn about each other and I try to help out the shy guy bust out of his shell so he can have more fun with the girls.

This goes on for a while until we get to this new little activity...we get in a circle and like sit on each others legs ...like you go to sit on a chair and the other persons knees are your chair you know what I mean? Its hard to explain.

So its a girl, me, a girl, shy guy, girl...and then the other groups. The girls were pretty cute so I didnt mind yet I could not figure out how the girl behind me was going to hold me. I usually weight at the lightest 200 and most 209 so the girl behind me was a stick I had no idea how this girl was going to hold me so I was freaking but decided wahtever.

The girl sits on my knees and I sit down on the girl behinds me knees and it works which suprises me it was awesomes. The thing that freaked me out was the girl behind me had her hands under my shirt which was weird. Some idiot behind us inanother group fell and since it was like a big circle everyone falls....the girl i was sitting on claws my entire stomach which sucks and I dragged the girl in front of me down.

Everyone is laughing and I have this pretty cute girl on topofme and im on topof another girl .

We continue on to the party and I'm about to leave for my workout when the girls before ask for my number. I give it to them and notice before I left that they tell their friends they got my number....they showed them the phone so I guess thats what they did.
The entire weekend I had like 4 girls texting me...2 of themI didnt know.....heard that the shy guy got some play as well which was nice.

Right now I am trying to get with some girl at the gym....cougar material she always stares. She has a stick body, stick legs, stick butt, but the biggest boobs I've ever seen...might be the first time touching implants which is what I want to try out. I will play it slow since she looks like she wants it.

This weekend I am taking one of the girls to eat and the other to see the PPV...other then that I have been getting over a stomach virus.

Hope you guys have better luck then I do.


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Sep 18, 2009
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Friday I took one of the girls out to eat at some chinese place because of the mongolian grill. I found out she was 16 and was pissed because she is at a college event....basically she was trying to be my gf without actually going to give me kiss/vag at all...just hand holding haha.
I kept her number and decided to go along with it because I think shes cute and her little actions are pretty cute.


The other girl is older 18 just barely but really cute. We were going to that UFC ppv and I KNEW it was going to be dead at the place I was taking her so I told her to wear a skirt...she complied.

Talking the whole way and she has the funniest laugh...everytime she lauged I laughed at her laugh and not the joke.

We get to the place and what do I expect NOONE..well not noone but it was very dead.

The place is a racepark so it has auditorium seating on the bottom and it was just pitch black with no tvs on excpet for the people there.
We sat at the far bottom far away from everyone.

we talk for an hour before the ppv started...got there early. Found out she is trying to be a teacher and was with some guy for 3 years in HS but he left her for school...smart guy. She says she isnt looking for a guy right now and working on herself.

First 2 fights pass and its the beginning of the soti fight and she is texting while I go get a bottled water.
HER:"My friend is so dumb"
ME: Why
HER:She went on this date with a guy and was nice yet she doesnt like him now he is textingher all the time
ME: Sounds like she should have just told him straight up she didnt like him instead of string him along.
HER: But thats mean
ME: Its meaner to let the guy think he has a chance for a few weeks then to just cut it off
HER: Your right

5 minutes later she doesnt tell her friend...silly girls.

Beginning of Bisping.

I get bored and see suzies (shorter name) legs between her skirt..pink panties. Due to us being the only one in vicinity in the dark I decide to play around. I go in for a kiss and the doors are unlocked.

hands in her vag and make her I think either squirt or pee due to it being so dark I couldnt tell. This took alot longer then it should have but it was because she was so scared...she was shaking and looking around the ENTIRE TIME.

She goes to the restroom and its the 3rd round of the Penn fight. She FINALLY comes back at the fight after the Penn fight...the guy got knocked out hard...haha.

We go to leave and she is all over my arm holy **** she was like squeezing me so hard. Find out she has never orgasmed nor done it in public before so I think she is a clinger.

Before she gets out of the car at her place she says if I want a present...I say yeah and she gives me her pink panties saying she wants me to have them because I have her her first O. When she got out I threw them in the back somewhere.

Get home and she texted me saying like a 3 page essay basically saying she loves me. Ehh might see her some other time but right now I have my mind on somethign more ambitious.

I am thinking about becoming a fire fighter....sounds awesome.

Right now I am pushing myself super hard in the gym and might get the application to start training tomorrow to become a firefighter. Havent told my parents but I wonder what they would say.

Oh and a side note not really a lay or a pick up but I thought it was funny.

My cuz the girl one I talked about her before. I was at a family thing and she was their with her family. I went with family and we got their late. Its an aunts birthday anyway. 15 minutes into the party my cousin begins talking to the table about how she cant find a bf and is lonely blah blah blah.

Everyone is comforting here and I'm just there eating food...I eat ALOT haha...and just well did something stupid haha.

HER: I just cant find a good guy to be with and school isnt a good place to find a guy all they want is sex
HERmom:Its ok mija you will find someone
Mydad:Yeah youll find someone
ME: Wanna be my gf?

Everyone stops and stares ..I mean it goes deathly hollows quiet hahaha and I dont even look up I'm still eating cause I had alot of food.
HER: What?
ME: Be my gf
HER: why

I get up and since we were outside on a patio and there was low music I outstretch my hand and told her to come on. We are kinda dancing on the grass but basically I was just moving side to side and twirling her ALOT..I told her quietly so noone will hear
ME: Your silly
HER: why
ME: Because you think you cant get a bf
HER: I cant find a guy blah blah blah blah
ME: your cute
HER: Shut up
ME: Your cute and silly
HER: Shut uuuuup

She is all smiles now and I twirl the **** out of her at the end and is is all dizzy happy and **** so I sit her back down and go back to eating. She left with her family early but I thought it was fun.

good luck guys hope you have better luck then I do I also hope I become a firefighter.


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Sep 18, 2009
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22 right now.. in a few months 23.

Also you guys have got to download or buy Tangled...easily the best movie to get in a chicks pants even with the shield up.


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Sep 18, 2009
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Thought I would update while I have time while I wait for my food to finish cooking.

School has been going super slow and will probably take next semester off to try out this Firefighter thing...tomorrow I will go buy the firehouse and ask some questions.

Working out is going well with lots of girls checking me out there but I would rather keep the flirting/working out seperate due to cashier getting super jealous lately and when she sees girls look at me she gets real close to me to take my attention away from the new legs...I find it cute.

I went to the MMA fight last Saturday with suzie again....IF I knew what I know now I would have NEVER fingered her at the last UFC PPV. She is an ANIMAL! Everytime we go out she tries to start something....I think she likes getting off in public now due to makeing her O 3 times already in public. I think its a habit because she ALWAYS gives me her panties afterwards.

needless to say during this PPV it was a little more packed but after the first fight you could tell she wanted my hands...shes bad at being coy.
First fight over

HER: Whos next?
ME: I dont know actually so dumb
HER: Whats wrong?
ME: I wanted the other guy to win (CroCop)
HER: Aww want me to cheer you up?

She grabbed my hand and held it for maybe like 4 seconds before she began inching it closer to her legs. I played like I didnt know what was going on until she had my hand in hers right above her vag.

ME:What are you doing?
HER: What you mean?
ME: Your a bad girl
HER: Shut up!
ME: I dont want to I'll be right back

I could tell she was all sad by how her facial expression changed so fast...I went to get some water and before I sat down I decided to maul her. She was very appreciative afterwards. She is getting very brave due to leaving to the restroom like always and giving me her panties right when she sat down in plain view of everyone although noone saw. She was all smitten afterwards till we got back to her place.

She said that her parents were gone and that I could come in....I get into her room and throw all her panties at her calling her a dirty girl. She was alot louder then I expected...following day she texted me again.

I think she has a schedule she does when she is with me....its eat, get fingered, smitten, sometimes sex, 4 page essay at end..its very strange.

I said you guys had to get Tangled due to it being a perfect *****shield destroyer and here is how I was able to use it.

Rachel is the girl from that little get toghetor the one that wanted to be bf/gf but not have sex.

I told her to come over to watch Tangled and she agreed telling her parents that she was going to hang with her friends that night..I had to pick her up. For a girl that doesnt want sex she really dressed up skimpily.

Get to my place she already freaking due to most of her old bfs living with parents...I go for a kiss and she backs away saying no. Whatever.

This goes on all night during the movie. Then comes that little lantern part ..the people that have seen the movie know what I'm talking about.
HER: Aww thats so cute!
ME: haha your cheesy
HER: No im not its cute would you do that for me?
ME: I dont know what would you do for me?
HER: I dont know anything as long as it isnt se
I cut her off
ME: What is your dream?
HER: what
ME: Your dream what would yoru dream be?
HER: I dont konw to be pretty and a good mom some day
THis was easier then I thought
ME: Get up
I take her hand and hold her real close
ME: Your already pretty to me
She blushes and I kiss her ...she melts and gets banged on the couch while tangled finishes up.

DUe to her staying over she gets banged two more times and then I have to take her to her friends house the following morning.

At campus when she sees me she runs up to me and hugs me and all that crap...very very clingy but it doesnt matter.

Other then that havent done anything...like I said tomorrow I will find out if I can become a firefighter.

Hope you guys have better luck then I do.


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Oct 23, 2007
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I feel like applauding every time I read your posts, but I don't think you need me to tell you that.

Keep up the good work, man. You're an inspiration.