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J0n's Field Report Log


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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Thought i'd chime in's :D.

Class is so boring but its going along....that mexican chick I thought was asian is a certifiable biitch. She acts like a biitch to everyone that goes up to her and if she doesnt know you or you dont kiss her feet she will act like a biitch.

First hand experience says this is true....she gave me an ugly face when I told her to look both ways when crossing the street. Stupid kids.

Oh on Tuesday before the hurricane hit I talked to that tall girl in my class...she turned me down saying she had a BF..I said whatever and walked back to my seat nothing lost nor gained.

The hurricane didnt hit directly so it wasnt that bad so I was able to go out to see the fight on Saturday.Some cute girls there. My parents were afraid about the hurricane so I stayed with them haha and we all went to the fight togethor.

I'm with my mom in line cause she wanted to buy nachos and fries when I see my cousin come in (The one from the beginning of this report log...we dont see each other that much)
HIM:Hey whats up
ME: yo
Mom:Hey long time
We talk about him taking mma classes and thinking about fighting in Jan....I doubt it will happen but whatever. Then entire time we are talking this decent girl is behind us listening (short shorts, nice legs) I dont give her attention but I can see she is paying attention and looking.

I pay for the food while my mom waits for the food so I am at the register and the short shorts girl comes to pay.

ME: Nice shoes haha (They reminded me of peter pan)
HER: thanks
ME: So who you going for?
HER: blah blah blah
ME: yeah mir is cool
HER: if your friend is going to get into mma he needs to learn how to strike with muyi thai or however the hell you spell it.
ME: wow I didn not expect a girl to know this sort of stuff....I thought you ere here just to look pretty.
HER: I can be both
ME: I doubt that...well goodbye
She was just standing there since she already paid..so I made her leave haha.

Oh before I started talking to her my cuz left so he isnt here when I am talking to her.

We watch the fight and during the fight I see these girls I went to HS with...talking 4-5 yrs ago. One of them went with me to Middle school and made fun of me pretty bad....glad to know she looks like a man still. The other one wore thongs in HS but she acted like I had the plague and thought I was weird....it's weird seeing old people you thought were hot in the future and see they have nothing going for themselves....

Fight is over and someone got shot in the thigh outside....stupid drunk idiots.


I go out to buy some blu ray movies cause I'm bored and I see this mom walking aorund with a shopping cart...very nice legs. But like I said my cougar/milf phase has passed so I didnt even look back.

I am at the BR section when I see this cute girl in blue and short white shorts.

ME: hey help me out please
HER: ok
ME: say you like someone but you dont know what to say to them for the first time what woudl you say?
HER: Well I think itd be best just to be honest and say you like them and see what happens.
ME: hmm sounds like a plan thanks.
HER: no problem smile
I walk away and 5 minutes later...
ME: Hey
HER: need more help?
ME: No we dont know each other and some girly told me that it'd be best if I was honest so I wanted to tell you that I think your kind of cute.
HER: hahahahah, smooth
ME:so whats your name
HER: cathy
ME: well cathy watcha doing tonight...I dont really want our first date to be in Target ;/
HER: haha no I wouldnt either but I dont know what I'm doing tonight I have to get ready for school tomorrow anyways.
ME: booring but I do too, well here come with me
I outstretch my hand toward her and start walking forward....she grabs it and I walk her to like the out door seat section place where they leave the seats out but its inside...I hope you know what im talking about haha.

We talk for awhlie about what she wants to be and what are her taste in guys and I point out guys to see if she likes them. I got her good though.
ME: So would you go out with that guy?
HER: oh yes hes very cute...(I think she was trying to get me jealous so I wanted to change the frame)
ME: oh really
HER: yeah definitely
ME: hey dude!
HER: no what are you doing!!
The guy was pretty close so he heard..
ME: yeah can you come here real fast
He was only 16 so low self esteem.
Guy1: yes?
Why am I saying guy1?? haha
ME:My girlfriend said she thinks your cute and wants to know your name
During this whole time she is burying her face into my shoulder pretty hard.
Guy has quizzical face but I notice he's looking at her boobs and legs so he must be attracted.
ME: she's very shy but she toldme herself she thought you were cute.
This is when the guy finally grabbed his balls
Guy1: I dont think she is that cute
ME: hahahahaha

I didnt expect that and I see him smirking while I was laughing, cathy bites me but keeps her head buried in my shoulder.

ME: I think she's too shy..if I see you later I'll give you her number ok bro.
GUy1: ok
ME: later

Guy walks off and cathy finally looks around and hits me on the shoulder
Girl: You assshole!
ME: You said he was cute, I was trying to hook you up with him dummy.

We talk some more and I have her laughing so loud that some employees tell us to be quiet. Find out she is with her family and they pass us by and tell her they are leaving so we both get up...and I decide to see what happens if I escalate in front of them.

I put my hands on her waist.
ME: give me your number and I'll call you tonight to make sure your tucked in bed correctly.
She goes from being like light brown to as red as the sun and keeps looking at her family like 5 feet away. Dad gets mad and says lets go NOW...she gives me her number and walks off with them...I watch them leave and she looks back once after that her sister i think starts talking to her and laughing.

I sit back down and call that tall girl I took to lunch cause I need to bust a nut on that chicks legs.
HER: hello?
ME: Hey
hER: hey
ME: What you doing tonight?
HER: I dont know
ME: Come over I want to see the 4th kind instead of paranormal activity and I want you next to me since Im scared.
HER: haha sounds good where do you live
I give her directions

Umm maybe 1:45 I think pass and she is at my place in pants and black shirt....I wanted her in a skirt but there are like a billion misquitoes everywhere.

We watch the 4th kind which is the stupides thing in the world and I cant get my mind off the show till the show is done and I'm in my room and she's laying on my bed.
I'm changing clothes.
ME: So what you think of the movie?
HER: It was scary but i'm glad you were holding me
ME: that movie freaked the hell out of me no joke.
I turn around and shes laying on my bed with her legs hanging down the bed. I get on top of her and start making out with her...
HER: Stop
I thought I was getting blue balled but she just wanted to take off her glasses.
She is wearing...black panties so thats good she had like a stripe of hair going up like some porn star which was different. Jeez her legs are so freaking long that were able to wrap around me and I bet she could have wrapped them around me again.

I wear her out only after 30 minutes saying she doesnt have sex alot (She does look like a prude or very shy ) I decide she probably never had an orgasm so I go down on her and she freaks at first but gets into it pretty fast ...she has like a seizure no joke which freaks me out.
ME: are you ok?!
HER:yes I just never had an orgasm beore
ME: oh hahaha you scared the shiit out of me haha..

35 minutes later
She falls asleep like nothing and me.....well Im freaking out cause of that horeshiit movie. I get like maybe 2 hrs of sleep and lay in the corner of the room so I can feel if the door opens hahahaha. No joke.

Fuuck the 4th kind, fuuck milla jovovovoich, and fuuck aliens!

Happy late 4th of July
Hope you have better luck then I do and dont have nightmares :D.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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Updizate haha

Umm class is going allright my class with the little HS kids is ending this Friday thankfully.
The girls in there (Tall girl/biitchy mexican chick) for some weird reason STARE at me....scary.
Friday especially.
I get there super late just because I wanted too haha to be honest I was studying for the test we had..I walk in and BOTH stare at me till I sit down....ook I can deal.
Lab time with BOTH again right after the test.
we are doing some crapp with the microscope when I see the tall girl staring at me extremelly hard like she was trying to jedi mind explode me or something haha. When I look at her she looks away real fast. This goes on throught the day.
She leaves early and looks at me before she passes me.

Now its just my group and the mexican biitchs group. (you could leave once you were done)
So my group is finally done jeez...and we get done right when the other group is putting stuff away and the biitch (haha thats mean to keep calling her) is going slow putting stuff away when she finally passes me and looks at me from the corner of her eyes...

I cant figure them out they both have bf's well I think the tall girl said she did and I saw the biitch getting tickled by some dude so I cant figure it out...ALTHOUGH the biitch has the smallest asssss I have EVER seen!!! She wears skirts maybe 90% of the time and when she finally wore jeans holy crap..I nearly creamed my pants.....friday is the last day I will do someting before its over.

Around the gym the girl from before with the creamy thighs was with her BF but she kept looking at me ....shes very strange.

Oh the friendly girl from before texted me again just because I passed her through the hall ...I dont have her on my phone but she has a stupid little signature on her texts so I remembered. I told her I had free time next friday and to be my date to bowl she didnt respond....she must think I actually care for her...haha I dont think I'd ever care for a moron who gets prego that early in life haha.

Cathy from before I call up and tell her to come out with me and my friends to play some touch football. She agrees. It worked out well it was boys vs girls+pvsssfied guys . Throughout the game me and cathy look for each other and cover each other the entire game, we are having playful banter then entire game, oh man I made her fall in love with me though.

My team gets the ball and we are getting ready when ..
Cathy: Your not going to get the ball
ME: Why not?
Cathy: Cause I'll steal it away
ME: Oh really short stuff
Cathy (mad face) oh you did not call me short
ME: watcha going to do small fry ..haha
Cathy: oh just you wait
I;m running and cathy is trying to trip me haha when I get the ball thrown toward me, I catch it and turn around real fast and pick up cathy (Shes short and skinny so it was easy) and run for the endzone with her butt boucning up and down next to my face and her hitting my back haha.
I score and fall down with her underneath me now...
ME: So did you like the ride?
HER: .......(Puppy eyes and big smile)
I kiss her and we kiss for like 10 seconds before everyone calls us back.
ME: Lets go babe.

I help her up and we keep playing with her having puppy eyes all game now.

Ok this is where it gets funny and stupid at the same time....ok aparrantly one guy accidently touched another dudes gf's butt while he was running...altercation of yelling and ****t...dude with gf's butt in question changes sides and is now on the girls side. Ok next play guy that touched the butt gets the ball and the girl's bf tackles him real bad....think of the unprovoked tackle in the wedding crashers.

We have to break them up long story short they are just going at it all day haha...one of them almost bumped into cathy which I told them to watch out because my gf almost got her....cathy looked at me with puppy eyes but she looked nervous.

game ends and both guys are bruised up and getting attention from their respective girlfriends..THEN after all that they make up and we go to buffalo wild wings to cool down.

Now we are at wild wings and I have cathy to my right at the table with everyone else at the table. Everyone is getting pretty loud cause they were talking about soccer when cathy pokes me.
Cathy: why did you tell them to watch out for me?
ME: Cause I didnt want you to get hurt silly..well noone else but me can hurt you that is.
I pinched her
Cathy:you also called me your girlfriend
By this time I could tell where this was going so I put my hand around her shoulder seat thing and kissed her...she enjoyed it.
GUY1: look at this guy get a room!
Girl1:aww they are cute shut up
Gril2:so adorable
Guy2:noone wants to see you guys kissing

Cathy gets embarssed and gets real red and I nudge her and tell her to relax.

Everyone leaves and I drop off cathy cause her mom was calling nonstop..I mean 20 calls on a maybe 30 minute drive to her house. I wanted to get some play from her but couldnt so gaay.

Sunday i didnt do crapp but get eaten alive by mosquitoes ...cathy called saying she missed me so whatever.

I will see what happens with the girls in my class other then that I am lowering my body fat and my company is slowely taking off..not as fast as I want but it is doing ok.

ok thats it :D.

I thought I would update this thing...I have this ET thing on in the background and they were talking about that jake and uh viena break up thing when they got a so called "Body Language," Expert (A women) and she begins condesending that jake guy haha that was funny...jake was this jake is that he's a child blah blah blah..oh but look at the girl she is very genuine shes sincere...
I thought it was funny cause they said that girl viena worked at hooters so I would THINK she would know how to play act but I guess a body language expert knows best ;/ . also inst that jake guy rich so who cares...he will be with someone else not like he cares haha.
Hope you guys have better luck then I do...


Don Juan
Jul 12, 2010
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It's interesting to read your first posts and then literally see a significant change and evolution as the threads continue. Your journal is inspiring and highly entertaining and great for the guy that wants to cold approach and move beyond simple social circle hook ups. Keep up the good fight man, your approaches are what every guy should be doing.


Master Don Juan
Mar 26, 2007
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Yea...seriously. I don't see why so many guys on this site avoid doing cold approaches or even approaching period lol.


Master Don Juan
Feb 24, 2008
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What school do you go to jon?


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Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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oh wow I didnt even see that people replied haha my bad.

morgan- Thanks man , would like to see your field reports if you feel confident in them on here :D.

Can- Yeah cold approaches are alot more fun then going to a club and having to hear some girl with slurred speech talk about her dog for 20hrs straight..;/ ..

eaglez- I go to a small little technical college for my basics but will be going to a bigger college in January...for my REAL career...I have NO IDEA why I would need history/art/goverment/ for physical therap/pharmacist...I asked the guy that does my classes my counselor or whatever and he didnt have an answer...stupid.

Chinaz- thanks for the props..although in the beginning I was horrible haha and before I found this site I was pathetic haha. Hmm I have to say my success rate NOW would be around high 50 low 60% if I act like an idiot or get bored which happens alot it will go low 50 high 40's ....although my online game is 100% I think hahh..but then again I've only tried it with 2 girls hahaha.

I will update on Sunday like usual but I will check back if you guys have any more questions tomorrow....later guys.

hope you have better luck then I do .


Don Juan
Aug 24, 2006
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AMazing thread! It's taken me 1 week to read every post. all 16 pages was quite the enjoyment. John Legend! Either way kudos man. I was in the same boat as you earlier but now continue to run game. I'm 26 so the only tip i can give you is keep up the fitness and studies. Planning ahead for your future and taking care of yourself is going to reap unthinkable rewards. When you get older and perhaps move to other cities or take this internationally , you'll see all these approaches and experience will pay off. The world is a big place and you will get mindfkd when you see what other cultures have to offer etc. Keep posting man, the fr is real good. I won't hijack your thread on my day approaches but I've been inspired to run direct daygame from this thread. IT really is the truest form, daygame. keep fightin the good fight and slammin the ladies. don't get tied down till ur an old man and have tried every flavor u can


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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Backstory first.

Girl I knew back in HS 4-5-6 years ago I totally forgot where I knew her from but I remember her. She made a pass at me that I DID NOT notice which pissed me off to no end after that day. I remember her name this entire time just cause she is the girl that got away. I see her and open her on Wednesday pretending to not remember her.
ME: hey I know you right
HER: Your jon
ME: Yeah you remember me?
HER: Yeah
ME: we went to school togethor?
HEr: yeah hs

We talk for a while and then I get bored and since its so hot I decide to leave
ME: Well I have some free time i think this friday give me your number and we will do something friday night
HER: maybe
ME: haha maybe?
HER: Yeah maybe

I dont know what the hell that meant but she asked for my number and gave it to her and left with a hug only. I cant figure out that but she didnt call so that pissed me off to no end! I cant figure her out either...she looks goth/emo or whatever and I cant tell if she sleeps around or just acts like that and is shy around guys alone....ugh she pissed me off so much since she didnt call.

Saturday comes and I'm still mad she didnt call when cathy calls and wants to do something togethor...I decide to go to the park and play frisbee.

She says yes and I pick her up and she's wearing like those short khaki shorts or whatever with a pink tanktop pretty cute.

We have fun like usual for a while maybe an hour or two till I start to get hungry and tell her im hungry.
ME: Im hungry
HER: me too where do you want to eat?
ME: my house
HER: what like cook?
Do WOMEN not cook nowadays or what?!
ME: uhhh yeah dummy
HER: uhh ok

We are driving when I go by HEB to pick up some food. We have fun while I'm buying the food and I think I acted a little to much like a kid since I got some evil eyes from the staff.
Cathy also became jealous of a few girls as well which I could tell easily. I was wearing this shirt that I found at Dillards thursday that was the last shirt or the only one in the far back. A baby blue shirt with the words "Cougar Bait," On the front and "do you have candy?" On the back.
While we were walking around HEB some older girls looked at the shirt and were smiling when they saw what it said then some laughed when they saw the back.

One girl actually opened me which threw me off really bad since I wasnt paying attention and thought it was actually cathy.

HER: I have a lollipop
ME: why didnt you get me one? (Back turned away looking at if I remember chicken or fish I cant remember...they also had some dude out in front trying to sell somethign and was giving away candy)
HER: Cause I got it for myself
ME: Well your mean I want a lick at least
I turn around
ME: oh your not the person I thought I was talking too
HER: is that a bad thing?
ME: nope
HER: I like your shirt
ME: I thought you would
HER: smile
I decided to take over the convo since I was really hungry
ME: Soooo you like my shirt which means you like younger guys like myself because you have more fun with them so how bout we cut the crap...and you give me your number AND the lollipop and I will maaaybe squeeze you in tomorrow night oh and I promise (hand on her waist) you will fall asleep happy.

She is in shock that I was so forward which was dumb since she opened ME but I get her number and go back to looking for food when I get a poke.
Cathy: Who was that?
ME: Some chick
Cathy: ohh
ME: Dont worry im with you anyways...want to lick my lollipop?
I stick it out to her and she does and is all happy nows :D

Get home and begin cooking she has no idea how to make something from a box so I help her the entire way and we eat marinated fish with scalloped potatoes and corn with a salad. SHE thinks its the best cooking shes ever had and says im the best cook in the world haha.

We are watching the A team when I begin rubbing her body with my hand..she was like semilaying on me so it was easy.
HER: What are you doing?
ME: You know what I'm doing
I start to move my hands to her boobs when she stops me and like sits up and looks at me
HER: Look I know you were flirting with that girl earlier and I dont want to be some girl you just have sex with and leave and i like you
ME: You just like my cooking
HER: Shut up im being serious
ME: Look if I really wanted to be with that girl I would but I cooked you dinner ...and if things get serious then we will talk again on what we want to do ok but come on you know me im dumb I dont think you want to be with a guy thats MORE immature then you are do you haha.
HER: no I guess your right I dont think I would want to have to dress you in the future anyways
ME: oh is that so !

I begin tickling her and she forgets about the convo instantly and is squirming on the sofa when I stop and she does that movie stare thing where it like goes dead quiet and they just stare at each other....weird. I then kiss her and begin moving my hands underneath her shirt
HER: Just be gentle ok
We go at it for a while on the couch until I carry her to the bed...she is very shy LATER again I find out she has only had sex like twice and lets just say it didnt go past 20minutes SHE says and it ws only missionary. It was funny seeing her on her hands and knees though cause she kept asking "Is this right?" Hahhhahaha.

Ok I never had this problem before but when we were sleeping she was ALL OVER ME! I mean I couldnt breathe...jeez she was like trying to burrow into my body or something damn! I was push her away and the would like SOMEHOW while she is ASLEEP slide all the way back to me and like put her arms around me to I guess keep me from running away in my own house...needless to say she woke up "Refreshed," While I was dead tired casue I couldnt sleep.
I drop her off at her place and her dad is watching me drive away.

I do nothing all day until I get a call around 5pm...APARRENTLY she told her dad that she was staying at her friends house and when he saw me he knew something was up....she spilled the beans and basically tried to bust my cellphone speakers about not touching his daughter and leaving her alone....I suppose he has apoint haha.

15 minutes later SHE calls saying sorry about that he was yelling at her and stuff but was relived that SHE used a condom....I thought I put it on ;/ . She says that he will calm down and wants to see me again next weekend to GET THIS...have dinner at HER place to repay me cooking for her. Hahah I might be dumb but I'd never think of that haha...I might actually go just for the hell of it haha.

Other then that I got rejected by some hostess for being "Too immature," I asked her to send a single hot waitress to my table. Sunday I didnt do anything but relax and watch that ppv wrestling thing 2$ cover charge so it was ok.

Hope you guys have better luck then I dooooooooooooooooooooo.

Legend if you want to post in here you can...some people have before anyways .


Sep 18, 2009
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j0n24 said:
HER: Look I know you were flirting with that girl earlier and I dont want to be some girl you just have sex with and leave and i like you
ME: You just like my cooking

hahahh i laughed so hard when i read that


Senior Don Juan
Sep 18, 2009
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I have to write this damn thing again cause it didnt save what the hell1!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt do anything so I just went for the apoc opener which didnt work for me but helped out another guy.


Cathy called me over to go eat at her place...blah blah blah. I get there and cathy is going crazy in the kitchen with the help of her mom.

We are eating and the dad says nothign to me the entire time until the girls go and put the food in the sink to clean up.
Dad: I have my eye on you and you are not going to mess with my daughter
ME: That's retarded
DAD: what did you say to me?!
ME: I said thats retarded
By this time he is yelling so the girls come back to check whats going on
MOM:Waht's going on?
Cathy: Dad dont emberass me!
Dad: dont back talk to me in my home! What I say goes and you wont touch my daughter so get the idea that your going to have sex with her out of your head!
cathy: Dad!
By this time I am bored starting to get a headache cause everyone is yelling and staring at his wifes boobs for some reason ;/
ME: Well you should know that i have alrady had sex with cathy and you should already know that most girls have sex anyways and should be happy that its with me since i ahve my life in order, dont drink , dont do drugs as opposed to some gangster who does.

By that time the girls are quiet and he kicks me out ..I go home and eat tuna fish haha.

I go to the gym and workout when I see this chick who was there for one reason only..attention. Lime green short skirt, tight tanktop, and doing crunches and butterflies in the middle of everyone. Needless to say almost every guy went up to her to give her some tips....hahaha. I had my eye on a personal trainer there though which I havent opened up yet....young dirty blonde..nice asss and always wearing tight pants.


I go to target and see this asian girl which looked so hot! She was old though apoc time.
ME: wow you look so cute!
HER:...excuse me?
ME: I said your really cute Ive never seen anyone so cute before!
HER: she blushes and says thank you
I take her hand and spin her around she begins to giggle weird for an old chick to giggle.
ME: you must get that alot since your so cute
HEr; no your the first
ME: what no way!
HER: yeah all smiles
ME: hold on
I walk out of the aisle and then reenter the aisle from the opposite side like I just came into it...hard to explain.
ME: excuse me can you help me?
HER: ...uh yeah
ME: Im looking for my twin have you seen him?
She's freakign out like what the helllll
ME: oh wow you are so cute!
I begin to do everything the same and she finally figures out what im doing and begins laughing alot
HER: your bad
ME: you like it ...well target is boring and I cant do most of the stuff I want to do so how about..
Right when I was about to close I heard something form the other side of the aisle
GUY: very lightly ...uh hi
Girl: um hello
GUY: I was wondering what you were doing tonight
Girl: I dont know

I totally forget about the asian chick and go check out whats going on..I become fascinated at how the interaction is going since I've never seen someone do daygame before!!! I can tell the kid is floundering and actually picked a pretty hot girl.. so I just jumped in haha.

ME: Dude there you are I've been looking all over for you although I've only checked the toy aisle haha.
GUY: uh hi
ME: Where did you go? I look at the girl...oh your trying to flirt with this girl huh..
She begins walking slowely away
ME: I've never understood your fascination with normal looking girls..you should be trying to hook up with hot chicks dude! Hell I saw this asian girl on the other aisle that was cuter you shoudl go talk to her!
She stops and looks our way..so its girl on left me in middle and guy on right
HER: Excuse me?
ME: yeahs?
HER: who are you talking about?
ME: Oh my friend has this thing about average looking chicks...he likes making them happy so he flirts with them and stuff I've never understood his infatuation to say the least..weird huh ;/
HER: I just didnt wear makeup
ME: Oh dont worry I'm not gonna flirt with you haha but you shouldnt say that or he might not like you anymore hahah.
HER: oh
ME: Oh hey I know lets go on a double date!! You can take her right cause my car is dirty and I need to get it washed before we meet up so you can right?
GUY: ..uh yeah
ME: Ok good !
HER: uhh when do you think we are going cause I might have plans
She was looking at me so I looked at the guy so he can set the time
GUY: uh I was thinking 7:30
ME: PErfect! I'll meet you guys at 8 minature golf sound good?
GUY/Girl: Yeah
ME: Cool hey make sure to bring money cause you know how im hungry all the time...
Guy finally mans up
GUY: whats your number
Girl gives it to him and they walk out of the aisle togethor...later find out that they were talking to each other at the starbucks in the target store.

I zone out and just mess up by opening the SAME asian chick 3 times now haha. I get pretty far but she now says she has a husband...so gay.

I dont do anything but go workout when I get a call from cathy saying her dad cooled off and wants to do something togethor...I say next weekend and she agrees.

I noticed that lots of people's favorite word is "UH," hahaha. Again I wrote this alot better but it didnt save or whatever and I had to rewrite it again so thats why its sloppy .

Hope you guys have better luck then I do.


Don Juan
Aug 24, 2006
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Damn Jon, you've taken your ballz to elite status. elite ballz. to say that to her dad far exceeds approaching a chick. Including the guy is amazing also, damn that is some high level talent man. You've truly ascended. Perfect practice makes perfect. Nice man! keep the reports coming!!


Don Juan
May 23, 2009
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ME: hey help me out please
HER: ok
ME: say you like someone but you dont know what to say to them for the first time what woudl you say?
HER: Well I think itd be best just to be honest and say you like them and see what happens.
ME: hmm sounds like a plan thanks.
HER: no problem smile
I walk away and 5 minutes later...
ME: Hey
HER: need more help?
ME: No we dont know each other and some girly told me that it'd be best if I was honest so I wanted to tell you that I think your kind of cute.
HER: hahahahah, smooth
This reminded me of this girl who actually opened to me in an amusing way.

The backstory is that there is NONE. I never knew her and she visited my job 4 times. the last 3 just to see me (she told me later.)

Her persistent attempts to talk to me were so amusing I figured why not humor myself?

(By the way, she has an average face a little bit chubby still her boobs are a DD. I don't even know they had that size! :) i'd give her a 6.2)
here are the messages:
"you know that girl that keeps flirting with you at the snack line when your working and she has reddish hair well thats my sister ask her her number please for the sake of me please her name is samarah ------ ok and if she wont give you her number give her yours ok please i beg of you thank you

johnathan rossi"
(he sounds just like a 'brother' :))

THEN she sicks her 'friend' on facebook to go on her account to talk to me

"hey this be the "girl that keeps hitting on you"s friend. Well you see she is a loser and doesnt have the...gonads shall i say, to ask for your number...sooooo i am on her facebook thing asking for the pansy...but dont worry she isnt crazy or a sketch...much. imma creep and read you nametag fyi...seriously dude, your one hard cat to find my man. :D so what do ya say doll? how bout that number...come on...coooome on. sound like a plan? okie dokie :) ttfn i guess"

LMAO XD. I just had to talk with her for riding the coattails through all this.

She has tons of interest level (duh lol) so I fluff talked and then..

ME:all of these topics are boring; what do you say we make them a little more.. interesting?
(Her name is Samarah pronounced like samurai LOL. I can't say her name seriously)
Samarah:Alright, how so?
ME:let's play a game on aim (haha didn't mean to rhyme)
Samarah: samarai's screen name..

The game is we ask a question back and forth, very easy and obvious to escalate to more sexual question and I amused myself im-ing her as I laughed my ass to this thread.

now we flirted back and forth but I remember one question the most
Samarah: If you were stuck on an island and you could choose to bring only ONE person with you,dead or alive, who would you bring??
(I suppose most AFC guys would say you! very obvious she wanted me to say that)
ME:an engineer. we can build a raft and float off.
Samarah: Wow, I never seen someone think so hard on that question (I knew She was expecting her name)
ME: You're just jealous of my survival skills haha. I can kick your ass
Samarah: Yeah right! :p
ME: I will break you samurai admit defeat. ur katana is no match for me cuz I am hungry so I will just eat that up
Samarah:lol I don't need any weapons to win! you will be on your knees lol :p
ME: Watch out! or you will end up on your knees
Samarah: *blushes* lol oh baaby lol

amazing how sexual girls can be. I just met that girl an hour before this. I want her to blow me so badly now haha.

We flirted back and forth I suggested seeing her sometime for fun and she loved the idea. gave me her number to text her but I didn't save it cuz I felt it was better if she handed it to me in work which she wants to do. add some more social status when I start getting numbers too

So I can update on this situation and much intense others I have..

jon didn't mean to take up so much room on UR journal lol.. all since I was reminded of that funny situation hahaha.

I have to say remembering the interaction between us was difficult even though it was early early this morning. you know forgetting exactly what she said or the word I used. jon you must know what I mean, even paraphrased what you said.

Keep updating! you're action-ful stories are entertainment


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Sep 18, 2009
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Legend game- It wasnt that crazy , in this day and age its common sense that girls are going to have sex and with more then one partner.

Jbitz- haha nice story keep on updating I dont mind.


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May 23, 2009
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jonny I want you to dj this weekend, I feel like something special will happen. make sure to write the experience :p


last night was madness.

I called up HB29yearold from my past and she didn't answer. maybe if she shows interest I'll see her again. otherwise I already forgot her

back to the HB6.2, samarah
Here's the backstory:
I ended up having her brother give me her number instead of her. He said to give her a call and to go out with her. since I had IOI's and this man telling me to take his sis to the 'movies' I figured why not have fun TONIGHT.
(This breaks the rules of making plans on the first night.... but I trusted my gut. check out my sig haha)

So I meet up with her there after making her wait 10 minutes since she gets a ride from a different older brother. odd that he left us to the movies and Samarah kept having to let him know where she was... you will see what I mean.

before I told her to bring money to buy some popcorn, since i was treating for the movie (FREE since I have hookups) So far..
SAMARAH:$5.25 SPENT and 10 minutes waiting
lol not bad

HER:Here's your popcorn ;) *takes a couple*
WOW her face isn't average... she's very cute in person. NOW a 6.8 an 8 if she lost weight. LOL to think I almost didn't contact this non photogenic girl.
ME:here's your ticket babe *kino-hand*
ME:hurry up we dont wanna be late! *kino-put my arm around her waist-*
HER: *giggles*
HER: oh i forgot my glasses. i have a bad eye
*takes note in my head%%%%%%*
HER: lol shutup

sit in far corner, and escalate kino easily by controlling the armrest. My arm rest b!tch! haha basically.
fast forward 20 minutes>>>>>>>>
THEN when she was watching the movie I cover her good eye touching her face with my hand %%%%%
ME: -whispers close to her ear- Enjoying the show?
HER: *big smile* you're a d!ck
ME:If i wanted to be an ass, I would just do this.
*rests my arm on her massive cushioned DD's*
HER:thats not a first
ME:how about this?
(she was making it known she isn't innocent + trying to make me jealous.. so i took it as challenge)
ME:-kinos her closed legs and inches closer to her inner thighs=
HER: no no no (you didn't say the magic word lol)
HER:not on a first date
ME: -we'll see about that slut-

ME:let's ditch this place to have a little more fun hun.
HER: it was YOUR idea to go to the movies lol.
i got the vibe she was questioning my decision so i put her in her place.
ME:I only came here to kiss you
HER: *blushes* oh..
ME: let's leave now

Here she says hold on and TEXTS her brother, leaving the movies right now going someplace
I say what he doesn't know wont hurt him, but she says he would find out anyways ??
she says its ok and I figure since she is adopted she must have a bestfriend relationship with her halfbrother

now i drove her to one of my secret sex spots that I never got caught in the 20 times I went there. it is deep deep isolated behind my highschool.

we get in the back seat of my car and makeout. she teases me by getting on top of me and damn she kisses good.. minutes pass as my mind wanders to her giving me a bj with that soft mouth.

I go to finger her pvssy and she denies me LMR
HER:not on a first date
ME: i don't plan to have sex anyways check my pockets
HER:-checks them ;)-
ME: See?
I didn't plan on having sex. since I told her I would make her on her knees I only planned a BJ and eating
HER: what about the back pockets?
ME:OH no i didn't think you would check there!
HER: -checks them-
ME:what are you trying to do grab my butt??
HER: *grabs my ass and giggles*

we see small lights on wall face in front of us so we both look behind us to see a multiple bright lighted car through my foggy windows.

COP: so where are you guys from?
ME: -some place-
HER:-some place close-
COP: Can i see some ID?
ME: -hands id-
COP: . . . .
COP: I gave you some time coming out of my car so I wouldn't see anything.
ME: we only made out
COP: mhm -hands back ID-
COP: try to find a more isolated place next time, we got a call from a guy walking his dog.
ME: -wtf i never get caught here-
COP: move along.
i act like whatever this makes a funny story LOL and she is less embarrassed

so i drive to grab ice cream because we need to 'cool off' after that steamy hot scene
mc d's is only place open so I grab an oreo mc flurry (good but never again.. i regretted the fat) she grabs an vanilla ice cream cone.

fluff talk
talk about sexual topics

ME:*drops oreo mc flurry down my brand new shirt.. really?! * can you lick this off?
HER: no i don't want to lick your shirt
ME: who cares? its brand new
HER: use your napkin
ME: -getting annoyed with her- -cleans up-

ME: okay. If I go to my house's basement with you.. I am NOT wasting my time
HER: (wide eyes she seemed upset) wasting your time?
ME: I want some fun here *motion at my penis* it has no attention tonight. so if you don't plan on blowing me, I can drive you home now so I dont waste my time.
HER:*big grin* you went right into what I was thinking to do. ruined the element of surprise
ME: lol shutup.


drive to my empty basement goes to a couch and she blows me for 2hour STRAIGHT. she wants me to jizz so badly but I didn't give it to her since next time she will try harder.
I was teasing her so I felt bad. I offered to 69. yet 4 times she rejected me saying 'only if you are my boyfriend'. lol

THENNN talking in between she also said her favorite position is doggy. YES! MINE TOO. u better be prepared for that girl.
girls can be weird. sex doesn't require going out but ORAL sex does?! HAHA i dont complain since she does ALL the work.

we left my house at 130 and i get in bed at 2.

she left me a good night text
"...I still feel really bad about not getting you to cvm. :( i def owe you one."

maybe I will take her up on that offer... NEXT week since I am busy this weekend. :p

I need to improve badly guys, hope you guys don't think I am a dj. no where close especially at cold approaching.


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Sep 18, 2009
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Back for a update....I missed my Sunday update ;/

I didnt really do anything but the usual stuff (workout,run,blah blah)

The only real thing I did as far as girls go was cathy taking me out to minature golf....she suggested it and for some reason I picked her up, payed 5$ since she is friends with the front person and took her back.....YET it was her idea haha.

Throughout the whole thing I was making her laugh and she was all over me...basically to the point where it was annoying. She would hang on me while we went to the next hole and tried to hold my hand the entire time basically at one time she was trying to hold my hand while I was beginning to try to get an eagle on one hole haha.
We split this extra long hotdog and she talks about how she misses me and stuffs. It's getting dark and her phone rings, she now has this rule that she cat be out past sunset so I have to take her home but her parents are going to be gone in 2 weeks and that I should keep her company but I seriously doubt they didnt put any countermeasures to make sure I dont go over...

Sunday- I meet up with my cousin and go and watch his BJJ lesson and it was pretty fun to watch. After awhile the teacher says I can join in to try it out (I'm wearing jeans/shirt) and I liked it it was fun.

Monday- I go again with him (sun/mon) and they let me borrow a top of the gui and a student let me borrow his belt. I have on gym shorts on bottom and we train. Aparrently I have flexible arms or doublejointed arms because they were having a hard time putting me in an armbar where I would tap out...awesome.

BUT JEEZ this place is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I mean no air condition and only industrial fans keep the place cool....when the class was done I saw the temp in there 105!!!!! I am DRENCHED in sweat hell even my calves are sweating!

The class ends and we are watching the little kids do karate while we hang on the side when some cheerleaders come in (the place was mainly for cheerleaders since its padded and the whole sponsored pictures are plastered all over the walls)

2 girls come in and my cuz is checking them out, I notice they are staring at us but I'm too preocupied with the kids karate since I think its very interesting. Although the girls kept checking us out and they always go on mondays my cuz says so we might bring them into our class just to have fun....also it seems my cuz has been going for a month and I have only gone for 2 days and have picked up most of what he's learned.. im awesome haha.

Tuesday- I wake up and my neck is SORE! It's probably from falling on the mat.

I didnt do much with girls but it's ok since I am thinking about trying out that bjj stuff as well as taking care of my company....it's taking off awesome! I am going to be making some shirts for my company in the near future so that is going to be cool!!!!!

Hope you guys have better luck then I do.


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Sep 18, 2009
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Late with my update againzzzzzz.


Same old same old...workout.

My parents said they were going to a waterpark and had an extra ticket so I decided to tag along...found out it was for the company my momma works for so we were sitting with nurses (older none my type)

I also noticed while I was playing and having fun that the NEW thing in is wearing synthetic shirts while you swim....very strange and different since I havent been to a waterpark in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time.

2hours pass

I'm with my parents sitting in the water talking to my aunt we saw there that day. I'm just swimming around acting like a kid haha swimming back and forth toward them when out of hte corner of my eye I see this girl trying not to make it obvious that she was checking me out. Lo and behold 10minutes later they sit like 2feet away from us in the water and I can now see her nipples...must be cold haha.

I dont make to much out of it until I get up and go back to sitting down at the table to get some water when I see the same girl walk to her table which so happens to be next to ours...
ME: You know I saw you staring at me
HER: huh?
ME: I saw you...you were staring at me your bad at hiding it haha
HER: :Blush: I wasnt staring
ME: uhuh you want me dont yous
HER: SHut up and please your just a child
ME: that didnt stop you from staring at me or do you like my swimming trunks?
we talk for a while about why shes here and stuff when I get bored and want to go back in the pool thing
ME: Come with me lets go have fun

I walk forward and hold out my hand and she follows we get an inntertube and float around till we get to a ride I guess. We are talking about if I remember bathing suits and how she should get a skimpier one next time and I was making fun of her being cold and I can see her nipples.

We go on the ride which took like an HOUR!!! just for like 2 minutes of the actual ride haha..she enjoyed it.

We float around forwhile when I say that I need to go to the bathroom so we get off the tube and go to the restroom togethore she waits outside while I do my business....when I see noone is inside the restroom.

ME:Hey amanda come here
HER: why
ME: I need your help
She goes in and right away I drag her toward me in her little blue bikini and I push her against the wall and start making out with her...NO resistance. I hear someone coming so I drag her to the stall and close it behind us and push her against the stall door now and we continue to make out. I then proceed to pick up her legs so now they are wrapped around me while we continue to make out in the restroom of this waterpark.

By this time I am super horny just cause she has a nice bikini and has a decent asss...so I put her down and basically just bend her over and fvck her in the restroom.

1hr later

My parents are ready to leave and I am getting all the stuff ready to leave when I SEE the girl I was with packing up too but tagging along were 4 yes 4 KIDS...HER KIDS. Momma is a very bad girl before we left she gave me the eyes and smiled a little she gave me her number but she is kind far away so I dont know if I will actually do anything.


I go to my mma class or whatever it is I think it's actually BJJ and do the stuff when I see MORE cheerleaders practicing their flips and stuff while we do our thing on the other side of the gym place....it's small so we are kinda close.

We are doing our thing and I see this tall girl staring at us and I become infatuated...we stare at each other and smile and stuff the entire time!! NOW is where it gets gay!

last 30minutes is sprawling or ground game stuff..needless to say both of the guys are 30-40lbs heavier then I am so by the time we are done with class I am DEAD tired. Holy crap! am I tired I never knew how much energy you spend when you try to get a heavier dude off of you....I lost once because one of them got my back and choked me out.

After that I had no interest in the tall cheerleader but to catch my breath.

My company taking off yay! I am making more shirts yay!

Hope you guys have better luck then I do.


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Jul 12, 2008
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Not bad for a virgin! lol.