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Items Your Ex Gave You


Master Don Juan
Dec 16, 2015
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Advice from the old lady:

My husband has kept things he was given: shirts, photos (some framed) but those are tucked away and not displayed around the house.

I have pieces of art and jewelry from my first husband that I keep, all have value. The art hangs in my home, the jewelry that was given to me by my ex husband will eventually be given to my children, as will various photos and so forth.

When you share children with someone its not just about you any more. Children may wish to have family pieces or photos as keepsakes etc. I still wear some of the jewelry I was given by exes, obviously not the wedding set from my ex husband, lol. But other things I still wear. My 5 year boyfriend from my 20s gave me a very pretty marquis solitare diamond surrounded with baguettes in 14K gold on a necklace. It was about a carat total weight with a large high quality center stone. I kept it all these years and gave it to my son, along with a couple of gold earrings I had lost the pair from, and he had a beautiful engagement ring made out of it using the extra gold as credit. He got a 3K ring for about $450 as a result, and his fiance adores the ring and the setting.

Eventually I will pass my old wedding set on to one of my children, not sure who yet. Same with the art my first husband gave me.

I have cards and photos as well. I'm a bit sentimental and these people at one time had a special place in my life so I've kept some photos & sentimental things as its part of my personal history.

And the things my husband has kept don't bother me at all; part of his personal history.


Master Don Juan
Feb 28, 2021
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Some 3rd world sh!thole
Well, I'm the kind of guy that throws almost everything that was given to me by exes, be it a painting or a bag or anything else. Especially sentimental stuff like cards and letters - they are the first to get burned or thrown away for good. Sounds petty I know, but that's how I fvcking am.


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