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Is that true that girls on the rebound are generally easier to pick up?


Master Don Juan
Dec 2, 2004
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At a time like this a girl will be vulnerable which will lead her to be "easier" to get with because of certain emotions and feelings (I’m not going to get into it) that she goes through at a time like this... So yes she will be easier to pick up. I don’t think its right to USE that against them though, because after she "calm down" she might just realize that u took advantage of her and that will lead to sh!t (that’s only if u know the girl)... But if u meet the girl on the night and she tells u that she just broke up etc, then go for it, its an opportunity that if u don’t take, some other guy will. I personally will rather try and get her to fix things with her bf or whatever and not go for a girl in this state at all, but that’s just me:rolleyes: ;)