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Is it possible???


Don Juan
Aug 19, 2006
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So I was sitting in a Starbucks having a cup of coffee and reading this book when this really hot Asain chick walks in. All I could think was, "Damn, I wish I had the balls to talk to her." She ordered her drink and then went to sit outside. Then, some guy from across the cafe who was reading some novel, got up, went outside and sat at the table next to her. As he did it, he said something to get her attention. I couldn't hear what it was though the glass. I noticed they started talking. He then got up and sat in the seat next to her at her table. As I left, I walked by the table, and she sounded like she was really enjoying herself. It was like, "Target acquired. Move in." I was blown away. He wasn't exceptionally good looking. He wasn't wearing nice clothes. In fact, he was wearing some cheap ugly tennis shoes. He even looked at least 8 years older than her. How the **** can I get myself to do that? Is it possible?


Master Don Juan
Jan 26, 2009
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At first you have to force it, but eventually it will come natural..
As with any aquired skill repetition is key..
3 second rule..

See it,
Like it,
Approach it..
All within three seconds..

Good for practice..
But eventually you'll get so good you won't need it..


Master Don Juan
Feb 20, 2009
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Easily possible. The one and only way to be able to do that is to practice.

Go out, push yourself out of your conversation, start conversations, and meet women.

The Don Juan Boot Camp guides you through this with little baby steps. There should be a link to it around here somewhere...

If you're really shy, start by saying hi to everyone you walk past. Then, start conversations with every woman you walk past. Ask their opinion on something, or comment on something. It doesn't matter if it's lame at first, you need need practice talking to women.


Senior Don Juan
Dec 31, 2004
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its not only possible, it is very likely for whoever has the balls to do something like that to get the girl in this situation...I have done it , billions of men have done it and will keep on doing it forever.
balls and practice are the key to do this. balls and practice. did you notice that the girl didnt care how he looks? she was amazed by his cojones and balls. that man is a hunter, you are a prey just like she is to him. you are also a victim of his skills because while he fvcks that girl you jerrk off about her. remember the 20/80 rule......20 percent of the men fvck 80 percent of the women.


Master Don Juan
Oct 11, 2005
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As a training exercise build resentment in your mind for guys like that.

Use your natural feelings that you are better than them to drive you.

Let your mind go wild with letting you know that to not make a move and talk to these chicks is you basically getting cheated out of something you deserve more than some douchebag.

Then after you've done this for some time start letting your mind think the thoughts that to not talk to these women is for you to cheat yourself and short change yourself out of what you deserve.

Anger and resentment can work wonders if used in the right way.

Build this up against douchebag guys that don't deserve hot girls as much as you do and then use the feeling of being cheated out of your birthright, the anger of that as the motivation that destroys your fear to approach.


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Don Juan
Mar 26, 2009
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If you do have a thing for the history and read about wars and the lessons drawn from them. In the battle for Vienna the German used Muskets (olden day guns) and artillery guns but were cut down by the Tatars which specialize in their Bow and Arrow and horse and some other things which I forgotten.

There are much lesson to be learned from this war.

1. The winner was the Tatars and it showed clearly that a winner is not one who has more powerful weapons, but rather one who uses his weapons and knows it inside out.

Applying to your situation it is not the physique or looks, but your mouth as weapon. He uses his brain and mouth better, hence he got her attention.

2. Decisiveness comes from confidence and familiarity. Confidence and familiarity comes from practice.

Ok this is pretty much self-explanatory. :/