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Is Courtney Ryan a Fish Trying to Teach Men How to Catch Fish?


Master Don Juan
Aug 21, 2022
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Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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It's not too late to call off the wedding, Teddy!
Actually, it is. The Teddy Baldassarre - Courtney Ryan wedding happened on June 24, 2023.

Around 21:00. Pay close attention to the build up especially - if she/they didn't announce they were getting married I honestly would've assumed he was her gay best friend.
So true. She doesn't have the genuine, burning desire for him that she would have for some 6'0"+, fit guy.

This is clearly a case of her cashing out and there is no real love/attraction there otherwise. Will probably find out she was a massive ***** to him post wedding day when the mask can finally come off.
Teddy Baldassarre is a dweeb and just a beta male with some money/status. This isn't the kind of guy who inspires immense attraction and sexual passion. Courtney Ryan cashed out and cashed out early in life. Courtney is 27 right now and cashed out in her mid-20s. Her tits are big enough and her face is attractive enough to get attention from top tier guys and commitment from above average looking guys (definitely guys better looking than Teddy). She was likely run through in college by the top tier guys and is now thinking she's learned a lesson from it, settling with a dweebish beta male at 25-26. This sounds like a case of Alpha Widowing.