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Jul 20, 2002
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You as in AFC's, that is.

The Approach: New girl in my class. I'd give her a 6 or a 7. Hit on her, remembered my "ABC" and got number. Eternal slickness. Flirty with other girls, most are in awe as I stride down the hall. Feels good. (Interest level of girl around 65%?)

The Call: This is where I screwed up a bit. Gives girl a call, mom picks up phone and says she's not home. Second call much later, mom says "she's on her way". I decide against calling again, until this morning when I called for a third time and mom tells me she's asleep. Screwed up and told her to call me. She calls anyways (high interest level still despite my screw-up). I set up date. (Interest level >80%)

The Date:

Starts at the library. Goes to local uni and plays ping-pong and pool. Initiated kino during ping-pong (hehheh, you didn't think I was there just to whack a ball, did you?) and pool. High interest level steady. (Interest level around 85%)

Then we go to the local museum, and I gauged her intelligence level (who wants a ditzy bimbo?) with conversation and apply kino every now and then. (Interest level around 80%)

We had a bet during the pool game (unfortunately the campus police threatened to kick us out if we started stripping as part of the wagers) in which she won (I actually tried to win), so I bought dinner for the two of us. Conversation was nice; no long, awkward breaks. Applied kino. (Talked about politics too, my bad! Interest level around 80%?)

After dinner we were walking back to her car and she started on the "sensitive chat" area. I directed the conversation away from this and it somehow led to Suzie the Blow Up Doll. And lesbians. All of which is much better than being a "sensitive man" and listening to her talk about problems with her stepdad. (Interest level around 85%?)

All in all, I made a few minor but correctable mistakes. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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2N Turbo

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Jun 9, 2002
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Dallas, Texas
Nice. Are you a mathamatian?

Now all you have to do is get into those panties, then start hittin up the >7 chicks.
Do that and when the other chicks see you, then that will equal an increase of 10% of overall female interest.

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