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Master Don Juan
Jan 21, 2002
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if you want to know MY "story" here it is (*note:none of this is done to seek pity, i'll tell u how it's been for me and how much you can improve life):

Born in Cali, moved to Oklahoma when i was 6 months old (Dad's a pilot for air force), moved back to cali, then indiana, then n.dakota, then germany.

In germany i had the usual *crushes* on girls up until 5th grade, i was an AFC when i was in 3rd grade

Then in 5th grade my parents decided they "didn't love eachother anymore" (actually i'm almost positive my dad was desperately trying to stay with my mom but she had found another guy where she worked). He was a bad case of AFC.

So after 13/14 years of marriage they broke up and i went with my mom to michigan and my 2 brothers and sister. This dramatically changed my personality. I went from mellow but outgoing to shy shy shy.

my mom had a "friend" who she needed to look for an apartment for, and eventually moved there and visited occasionally. So before i knew it they were together.

Not much longer (3 or 4 months) i visited my dad (in chicago at his dad's house, but he still lived in germany) and he also brought a "friend" with him. Well they ended up making sure it was ok with us to get married (what was i supposed to say, and my dad was really lonely). So after that they went back to germany and got married (she's belgian).

Then, i visit my dad in germany and end up staying there after summer is over. my step dad turns out to have been tried and found guilty for molesting his daughter. (my mom claims that his ex wife was mad because he left her and got his daughter to accuse him of that, and despite what people say about the whole "dont judge a book by it's cover" i don't think he COULD ever do something like that)

so now dad's happy and mom's really sad. i live with my dad and step mom now for 3 years in germany. meanwhile, my brother (who has a bad case of ADHD) is become aggressive and my parents end up sending him to San Antonio for a treatment facility thing, and we end up getting assigned there/here (but not before my brother gets transferred to florida..).

going no where with girls, and now comes the part that will beat ALL of your AFC stories.

I got here, and my next door neighbor was pretty hot and i liked her personality. This was all august/september of 2001.

Well, i start hanging out with the 4 or 5 "neighborhood kids" all within a year or two of my age, i was oldest though. I was really shy still, and i ended up talking on AOL for hours about stupid stuff. Sometimes we would talk outside in front of her house. and she was attracted to a guy 2 years younger than her, and it made me jealous.

i wrote her something like this, a story about my life, but MUCH more dramatic and sad. i told her i needed to "get it off my chest" and she said she cried. i felt a rush of feelings, i thought i was getting closer to her. i was. but not the way i wanted.

So i ended up being her friend, still being shy and giving her attention like crazy.

my brother ends up living with my mom/stepdad now.

i found this site probably in my AFC prime with this girl, i did a search on "what do girls want" or something, and found you guys!

i mostly ignored it then, read some articles/techniques, but it was no big deal. still acted afc.

then i found the forum, started reading, and registered to ask some stupid questions (this wasn't too long ago... but here is an example of me trying to become a DJ http://www.sosuave.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001750.html )

and now nothing's different except for my skills, and i've been improving ever since. i can look at a girl and think "haha she thinks she can have any guy she wants... watch this."

I'm becoming more extroverted (i don't know if actually BEING introverted or extroverted can change, but i'm definitely more outgoing) I've been working on my physical appearance, posture, how i present myself. lots and lots to go but a lot conquered already.

THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. no criticism

Today i'm on a posting frenzy. Last night i let my mind wander and gathered all these questions topics... so don't be suprised if you see a WHOLE bunch of posts from me today. It's a one time thing don't worry mods. Just some things i would like to clear up.


Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2002
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Good to hear it, this should be in the success stories forum though !!


Master Don Juan
Sep 6, 2001
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Exactly where I want to be.
Originally posted by Guitar_Whizz:
Good to hear it, this should be in the success stories forum though !!
Either that or Anything Else...Lets go with Success Stories, though

- Hey, I dunno what my name means either :D

"Always remember those you love. Even in death, no one is ever truely gone as long as they are remembered."

Life is the hardest teacher. For she gives the test first, and the lesson after.


Master Don Juan
May 21, 2002
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ur situation is almost identical to mine (the topic u posted)

talk aboit conicidence


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